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What did you miss in the series “Fandorin. Azazel? Parsing Easter eggs with a screenwriter

In the fourth series, the Emperor and the singer Amalia Bezhetskaya ( Milena Radulović ) run off on a date. For them, the entire cinema is closed and a film adaptation of the 1944 operetta Silva is shown (the scene, by the way, was filmed in the St. Petersburg Cinema House). “We wanted our characters to watch something classic. It was more suitable for the atmosphere than modern cinema. The interiors were also looking for classical ones, but to make it clear that this is not a home theater in the palace, but a hall that the heroes have reserved for themselves,” explains Nikita Popov.

In the third series, Nikolai’s wife, Anna ( Urszula Malka ), arranges an imperial “Kinopoisk & chill” – watching the series “End of the World” and eating ice cream. So the scriptwriters wanted to show that she is an ordinary woman who turns on her favorite series before going to bed.

What kind of wine does Nicholas III drink?

At the same moment, the emperor comes to Anna’s chambers with a bottle of wine to make peace. Take a closer look at the label: this is Chkhartishvili wine. Grigory Chkhartishvili is the real name of the writer Boris Akunin , based on his first novel, a TV series was shot.

How an alternative Petrograd was built

The action of the series takes place in the Russian Empire, where the class stratification of society is preserved, this is noticeable on the map of the city. Districts in the historical part – for aristocrats, remote areas – for those who are poorer. Therefore, the aristocratic Liza ( Mila Ershova ) lives in a historic mansion, and Fandorin lives in a capsule apartment on Kanonersky Island. There are also slums in alternative Petrograd (Fandorin played poker there).

“We made a map of an alternative Petrograd. To do this, they found pre-revolutionary maps of St. Petersburg, in order to preserve historical buildings, studied the building plan. Petrograd City in the frame seems to hang over the Hermitage, the Winter Palace. Skyscrapers were built on the Vyborg side, but because of the scale they are visible from almost everywhere. We chose for them a place where there really was nothing before the revolution, the former industrial zone, ”recalls Popov. The gunboat, where the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter is visible, was chosen by the authors in order to visually diversify the image of the city, not to make it too varnished.

Whose portraits hang in the palace

In the palace, Nicholas III and Anna walk along the corridor, where portraits of emperors hang, including the current one. To do this, the authors came up with an alternative genealogy of the Romanovs. After Nicholas II, the throne would have passed to Princess Olga, who became Empress Olga the Great and ruled for almost 50 years. The station that Fandorin sails in the first series on his way home is named after her, as well as the order awarded to the emperor’s uncle, the head of the army, Mikhail Yuryevich Romanov ( Igor Chernevich ). The portrait of Olga depicts the casting director of the series, Alla Petelina.

When working, the authors tried to observe the alternation of “bald – hairy” among the rulers. Bald after Olga – her son Ivan VII (depicted Alexei Kozlov , executive producer), then hairy – her grandson Yuri I, who is also the father of Mikhail Romanov (Evgeny Matveev, director of the picture). Next comes the son of Yuri – Pavel II ( Dmitry Nelidov , producer), he is also the father of Nicholas III and the brother of Mikhail Romanov.

What does Fandorin read?

Everything fits in Fandorin’s capsule apartment, including a bookcase. “The hero has a series of books whose titles correspond to the chapters in the novel Azazel. True, the titles of the chapters are too long, and we shortened them a little, – says the screenwriter. He also had a book on breathing practices. Fandorin read it in a novel, so he could hold his breath underwater for a long time.

Why is the machine called Moebius?

In the detective police department where Fandorin works, they are installing Mobius, a device that, using artificial intelligence, finds out where and what crimes can occur, as well as possible perpetrators and victims. The name of the car was not chosen by chance. Möbius appears in almost all of the Fandorin adventure books, except for The Turkish Gambit, usually as someone’s last name in a company name. Akunin did not reveal the secret of Möbius in his works, which is why readers began to speculate. “I read different theories about it. For example, that a furniture company with the same name entered into an agreement with him, but there is no evidence of this. Interestingly, the Moebiuses do not affect the plot in any way, they just appear from book to book, ”Popov shares.

Why do heroes have blue glasses?

Blue glasses are also common in the writer’s books. “This is another feature of Akunin’s works that we wanted to emphasize. These are worn by a photographer who takes pictures of the emperor with the empress; a man on a steamboat, on which the sovereign travels with Amalia; and the poker player behind Fandorin,” adds Nikita Popov.

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