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What Does Elizabeth Drink Every Night? Why Does She Drink Her Own Blood?

Netflix’s duration film ‘The Wonder’ revolves around Anna O’Donnell, an eleven-year-old Irish woman who has been enduring without food for four months. Shocked by Anna’s capacity to live with no nourishment with the exception of water, the seniors of the village formed a board to check her as well as designates an English nurse called Elizabeth “Lib” Wright to look after her. When mostly all of the people of Anna’s town consider her a living wonder, Lib tries to be rational and sets out to discover exactly how the woman can live without food. She likewise keeps several secrets from the O’Donnells and the village senior citizens, that includes her daily intake of a fluid. So, what does Lib drinks every night? Why does she taste her own blood? Allow us share our thoughts pertaining to the very same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does Elizabeth Drink Every Night? Why Does She Drink Her Own Blood?

Elizabeth “Lib” Wright arrives in Ireland to take treatment of Anna after going through several individual difficulties. The little woolen socks Lib lugs with the container of the liquid show how she hasn’t relocated on from the shock of the exact same. Hence, Lib most likely is consuming fluid opioids to relax her nerves, which helps her rest.

In enhancement to her daughter’s death, Lib had to witness the horrors of the Crimean War, which created the fatality of around 500,000 lives. As a nurse that had to deal with the soldiers, Lib might have had to deal with deaths day after day, which need to have further influenced her psychological wellness.

After drinking the fluid, Lib also pricks her finger with a needle as well as tastes her own blood each time. This can be a self-harming ritual she has been doing ever since obtaining impacted by her little girl’s fatality as well as the battle. Lib needs to have been seeing herself like dead. Without one to wait and also like for her, she is alone in this world, dealing with headaches and deaths. Bring upon self-harm might have become her way of assuring herself that she lives. Given that she does the same after eating the opioid-like substance, she may not also be doing it in her appropriate state of mind.

Lib quits consuming the liquid and harming herself when she begins her initiatives to rescue Anna from the O’Donnells and also their town. Aiding Anna to conquer the difficulties she has been withstanding at her house may have been a restorative experience for Lib to wreck her fluid container before she forges the little girl’s death by melting down the house.

After saving Anna, Lib begins a new life as the partner of Will Byrne and mommy of Nan, the Irish fasting lady’s brand-new identity. She has the ability to handle her traumas with the help of Will and also Nan’s love for her, which warrants her decision to stop her consumption of the mystical liquid.

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