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What Happened to Anna Avalos? Did Carmela Zumbado Leave Chicago P.D.?

The ninth season of NBC’s crime drama series ‘Chicago P.D.’ shows the fatherly bond Henry “Hank” Voight shares with Anna Avalos, a covert source benefiting him to bring down the medicine cartel called “Los Temidos.” She begins to work at a bakeshop that is run by Javier Escano, one of the pusher Hank tries to catch. In spite of the dangers related to the objective, Anna attempts her ideal to meet her job, which paves the way for regrettable repercussions.

In the ninth period ending, Anna’s fate gets revised, worrying the admirers of the resilient character. Considering that the character does not include in the tenth season premiere episode, we have looked for out whether Carmela Zumbado left the program. Below’s what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Anna Avalos?

Given that Anna’s household had a connection with “Los Temidos,” Hank recognizes that she will be an excellent fit for the undercover job. She starts to work at Javier Escano’s shop, which is a front for his medicine trafficking events. When Javier begins to recognize that he is being tracked by the authorities, Anna begins to stress over her as well as her kid Rafa’s lives. Hank makes sure that there isn’t anything for her to fret about since he prepares witness protection for her but Anna’s worries just grow. When he finds the fact regarding her, she gets away from the defense as well as at some point eliminates Javier so that he will certainly not come looking for her as well as Rafa.

After killing Javier, Anna and Rafa attempt to leave, only for Hank to follow her. Anna gets into a cars and truck crash and Hank comes to the location, only for her to aim a gun at him. Hank tries to soothe her down yet her detailed frame of mind does not pay attention to him. When a cops siren frightens her, she fires her gun at Hank, just for Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton to fire at her. Hank still tries to save her yet she passes away. Naturally, the viewers have to be questioning whether Anna’s death had actually opened an entrance for Carmela Zumbado to leave the show. Well, let’s figure out.

Did Carmela Zumbado Leave Chicago P.D.?

Although Anna is dead, neither NBC neither Carmela Zumbado formally announced the separation of the starlet from ‘Chicago P.D.’ Irrespective of the personality’s fatality, Zumbado can still include in the show in recall scenes, especially given that Hank is yet to get over Anna’s death. In a meeting given up September 2022, showrunner Gwen Sigan revealed that Hank will certainly battle with the guilt of not conserving her throughout the tenth period. Hence, we may see Anna again in Hank’s desires, visions, or in recall scenes. In the initial episode of the tenth period, Hank consistently thinks of Anna, which is a sign of exactly how the character is still a part of the program.

He wishes he would have done things in a different way. We will definitely see it proceed throughout the period,” Sigan discussed to Deadline. Thinking about Sigan’s words, we can not rule out Zumbado’s look in the show most likely in recall scenes.

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