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What Happened To Concepcion Olvera, Where Are Her Daughters Today

If you have ever wondered exactly how superordinary experiences feel or if demon belongings is genuine, then Netflix’s ‘My Encounter With Evil’ is right up your street. The program even considers expert evaluation as well as shows that the spirit world isn’t much different than the one we live in.

Andrea Viridiana Rostro Olvera as well as her sis, Esther Aguilera Olvera, appeared on ‘My Encounter With Evil’ to talk about just how their mom, Concepción Olvera, was had by an evil spirit. While the incident compelled their mommy to see a medical facility, the program also records a real-life exorcism, that made followers eager to get more information. Well, if you have ever wondered where Concepción children are at existing, we have you covered.

What Happened To Concepción Olvera?

While Concepción is now a proud single mom to Andrea and also Esther, conditions weren’t so excellent back in 1979. Around that time, Andrea and Esther were reasonably young, as well as their mom stayed with her hubby and also their children in Mexico City. Concepción had a relatively delighted marriage, yet she as well as her other half quickly encountered problems and determined splitting up would certainly be the only feasible strategy.

The separation was hard on Concepción and her women as they were left alone to fend for themselves. Still declining to surrender, she somehow found work to make ends meet and even offered their children everything they needed. Later on, Andrea and also Esther discussed that they were lucky to have their mother as she never ever made them miss their daddy. Concepción claimed the devil assaulted her household since her next-door neighbors utilized an Ouija board once in a while.

The next-door neighbors even had a pet, and though he was secured for the majority of the day, Andrea’s mommy could vouch that she saw the canine relocating in the direction of her with glowing red eyes. She also began observing abnormal events, consisting of online radiant eyes on dolls along with weird voices and laughs. Regardless of Concepción’s household looking for help from the church, her scenario got worse with each passing day, and also quickly she started acting unpredictably and aggressively with her liked ones.

The program mentioned that Concepción would additionally endure normal fits during which her voice turned hoarse and her eyes shot up into their sockets. Considering the situations, her family members believed a devil possessed her. Thus, they asked a clergyman for assistance as well as also requested him to carry out an exorcism. Although the mom of two was after that required to a priest, that attempted to order the demon out, the scenario quickly transformed severe, as Concepción suffered a psychological failure and had to be required to a health center.

Adhering to the mom’s recuperation, her family members tried to do away with the demon once more, that, now, was identified as Beelzebub. To help Concepción, her loved ones had an exorcist go to the Olvera home as well as entrusted him with eliminating the devil from her body. The treatment that followed was very taxing, as well as the program discussed just how sometimes, the spirit inside the mother of two would defend its survival. Still, Concepción had quite strong self-control, and as soon as she made up her mind to walk the path of God, there was nothing the evil one might do to make her button sides.

Where Are Andrea Viridiana Rostro Olvera as well as Esther Aguilera Olvera Today?
Andrea and also Esther pointed out that while they were as well young to know about demonic belongings back in 1979, they quickly discovered that Concepción’s actions had actually transformed. In addition, once the exorcism was a success, she resorted to God, as well as her children’s love and care gradually helped her return right into society. From the appearances of it, the sis as well as their mommy still live in Mexico City, Mexico, and have kept a deep domestic bond.

Esther Aguilera Olvera

In 2021, Andrea released her brand-new publication ‘La Fascinación del Mal Oscurece el Bien,’ in which she detailed her experiences dealing with her mother’s belongings. It was certainly chilling to witness Concepción’s event, and we wish the household experiences absolutely nothing yet joy in the years to come.

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