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What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant, Where is Brian O’Neill Now

Lifetime’s ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House’ features stories of simple individuals going about their lives and also unexpectedly discovering an unwanted guest in their homes. The episode ‘Close Call’ has Helena Jayne Bryant recounting her experience with a stalker who rejected to give up. In ‘Stabbed in the Dark,’ Brian O’Neill talks about the significantly frightening series of occasions he and also his wife dealt with as they returned house after an evening out in the city. Apart from their home being in chaos, the couple faced the prospect of a complete stranger hiding in their location. So, if you’re curious to discover much more, right here’s what we know.

What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant?

In 2005, Helena Jayne Bryant was living in Columbus, Ohio, with her young little girl. At the time, the single mommy divided her time between increasing her daughter and also functioning as an instructional aide in Columbus institutions. While points appeared to be fine initially, they took a turn for the worse by July 2006. Based on the program, when Helena and her daughter decided to go shopping for tennis shoes, she got a phone call from somebody stating there was a neighborhood shop that had athletic shoe on sale.

Soon after that, Helena started getting calls every morning as well as night at the same time, 10:04 pm and am. The customer ID really did not show the number at the time, and also she would not listen to anything from the other end. Tired with it, Helena once blasted an airhorn after answering the call, putting an end to it. In the following weeks, it really felt like a person maintained entering her house without her expertise. Helena would find things moved; the mustard container in the coffee or the toilet pot on the sofa.

When Helena did call the cops, she said they didn’t take it too seriously. One day, as Helena was spending time with her child at the neighborhood area pool, she saw somebody resting in an automobile with sunglasses on.

Therefore, Helena made a decision to leave town with her daughter and relocated to Mississippi. However the stalker followed her even there. In the long run, Helena pointed out on the program that around the time her little girl finished high school, she made changes to her life. Helena became a long-haul truck driver as well as took a trip when driving for months. This assisted her due to the fact that she ultimately quit seeing her stalker or hearing from him.

Who is Brian O’Neill?

In July 2014, Brian O’Neill was living in Seattle, Washington, with his better half. Brian and also his other half went out to supper one summertime evening as well as returned residence around 9 pm. While Brian’s better half thought he did it, he really felt the other way round.

According to the program, the pair after that discovered that the kitchen area home window looked broken, and also it showed up that the display was messed with. It was not likely that someone obtained in from there because of its accessibility and size. But for Brian as well as his other half, it was just the beginning. The door to their bed room was shut, which promptly stood out for them due to the fact that they always left it open. Inside, Brian saw that it was a complete mess. The room was robbed, as well as it showed up a person had searched all the cabinets and left the things out.

The couple also noted that much of their things were covered with cream. They soon called the cops, who arrived at around 11 pm. The authorities additionally believed it was unusual, yet there wasn’t much they can have done then, so they left. As the couple was cleaning up, they observed a set of females’s shoes that were not Brian’s other half’s. After that, they additionally saw clumps of blond hair all over the area. As they were attempting to understand what was taking place, Brian heard an unusual breathing audio from under the bed, and also they immediately rushed out of the room, closing it behind them.

Brian then called 911 and also waited outside the home for the authorities to show up. When Brian let the cops into the house, they saw a blond-haired woman in the home trying to get right into the closet. With the trespasser gone, Brian as well as his wife took a breath a sigh of alleviation.

Where is Brian O’Neill Today?

As Brian as well as his wife started tidying up, they observed a needle and a kitchen area knife under the bed. The intruder had been stabbing all-time low of package spring. Ultimately, the couple carried on from the event, yet Brian stated that he could not rest for a while after that; he maintained asking yourself why she selected them and also how much time she had been there.

Today, Brian still lives in Seattle. During his cost-free time, Brian enjoys traveling as well as is a passionate film and also songs aficionado.

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