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What Happened to Kristen Egg on Evil, Where Is It Now

RSM Fertility, a clinic that continues to be mysterious as ever before, returns to the tale as well as Kristen’s past with the facility comes to light. As a result, Kristen finds out of a missing egg that she offered the center. If you are wondering whether Kristen tracks down the egg as well as what happened to it, here is everything you need to know!

What Happened to Kristen’s Egg?

Kristen’s little girl, Lexis Bouchard, was birthed at the RSM center using Kristen’s frozen eggs. After Lexis’ birth, Kristen loses track of the eggs she had offered the center. Kristen becomes identified to search for her missing egg.

Kristen discovers from her attorney that one of her eggs was given to a female named Valerie. The 3rd season finale reveals that Valerie did not receive Kristen’s egg. Rather, Kristen’s egg is still out there and might fall right into the incorrect hands.

Where Is Kristen’s Egg Now?

In the episode’s final moments, Kristen learns that according to the fetus’ autopsy reports, the child wasn’t birthed from Kristen’s egg. After tracking down the murky chain of information, Kristen’s attorney succeeds in uncovering an address that was utilized to purchase Kristen’s egg.

The scene implies that Leland’s partner is now expectant after using Kristen’s egg. In the latter part of the period, Kristen worries that her egg might fall into the incorrect hands. Not even in her wildest desires should’ve Kristen pictured that her egg would drop into Leland Townsend’s hands.

Kristen as well as Leland have been at probabilities because the first season. In the 3rd period, he tries to brush Kristen’s little girl, Lexis, to take over a demonic. Seeing Leland utilize her egg for his rotten purposes will likely not rest right with Kristen.

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