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What Happened to Sherry Lovell and Paul Haynes, Where Are They Now, Phrogging Update

Phrogging is the horrible act of covertly staying in an additional individual’s residence without their expertise. The Lifetime program ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House’ has survivors of phrogging recount their experiences which is certain to leave a cool running down your spine. The episode ‘Creepy Encounters’ chronicles exactly how Sherry Lovell located an individual hiding in her crawlspace while likewise representing just how Paul Haynes left his home secured only to discover that it had been taken control of by several unwelcome guests. Let’s dig into the details surrounding each situation as well as discover out where the sufferers are at existing, shall we?

What Happened to Sherry Lovell as well as Paul Haynes?

Back in 2019, Sherry Lovell stayed in Almont, Michigan, together with three of her grandchildren. Interestingly, Sherry had custody of her grandchildren as well as was aiding raise them effectively. Also the kids loved remaining with their grandma, and the show discussed that the participants created a close familial bond. Life seemed quite excellent for Sherry and also her household, she began noticing odd incidents in as well as around the home in February 2019.

Sherry Lovell

Sherry likewise discovered a whole bottle of air freshener vanishing under her actual eyes and quickly began believing that her grandchildren were being naughty. Sherry thought the children were not telling her the truth as they did not desire to get into trouble.

On February 20, 2019, Sherry realized her mistake when she felt the barrel of a gun on her back while transforming clothes in her bedroom. Turning around, she saw her ex-husband, that endangered her with a weapon in his hand as well as forced him to move all of her money right into his account. The intruder after that disclosed that he was living in your home’s crawlspace and also was the one in charge of taking food and other features.

Also though Sherry followed her ex-husband’s orders, he compelled Sherry right into her very own vehicle, child-locked the doors, and also began driving towards Detroit. She eventually got her opportunity when the burglar got out and also instantly leapt into the motorist’s seat prior to driving to her best friend’s house with the car.

Paul Haynes, a Padre Island, Texas, local, returned to his home in December 2018 after a lengthy Saudi Arabia trip. Every little thing seemed clear at very first glance, Paul maintained feeling uneasy, and his fears were verified when he observed that the house was damaged into throughout his lack the extremely following day.

Paul Haynes

After strolling in, Paul might also hear people rushing up to his attic room as well as knew that they were living in there uninvited. Surprisingly, the trespassers, two adults as well as two juveniles, promptly made their way to the neighboring house, which was likewise vacant. In the days that adhered to, Paul discovered that the phroggers were trying their ideal to damage into his residence a second time.

Where Are Sherry Lovell and Paul Haynes Now?

Sherry Lovell still appears to stay in her Almont, Michigan, residence and also has built up a terrific life surrounded by her liked ones. Her granddaughters have remained pretty near to her as well as take pride in their grandmother’s valor in the face of danger. The program pointed out that Sherry is still working as a mail carrier for the United States postal solution, which maintains her busy throughout the year. On the other hand, Paul Haynes is private regarding his existing location as well as didn’t expose his career on the program. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, it seems like he still resides in Padre Island, Texas.

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