What Happened to the Is Anyone Up Website? Is it Still Running or is it Closed?

What Happened to the Is Anyone Up Website? Is it Still Running or is it Closed?

Seeker Moore established the very questionable website Is Anyone Up? in 2010. It let individuals, normally ex-lovers, article pictures of their former partners without approval. Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ is a three-part docuseries that includes Hunter’s tale as well as how his website became a hub for vengeance porn, impacting several lives at the same time. If you’re asking yourself about what has come to be of the website since after that, we’ve obtained you covered.

What Happened to Is Anyone Up?

After a string of jobs and living overseas, Hunter acquired the domain for his website as well as at first thought about utilizing it to evaluate clubs as well as various other nightlife places. Nonetheless, that all transformed when a friend pressed him to publish something; it was the photo of a female Hunter was having sex with at the time. The website took off soon after, with enhancing traffic as well as, subsequently, more disgusting habits.

Individuals would certainly send raunchy images anonymously while Hunter and his group would certainly post them. Yet it really did not stop there; individuals that visited the website would certainly obtain social media sites info of the ones included there, making it simple for them to discover the unwary guys or females being uploaded on the website. Going to users might comment or click on an offending animated.gif to react to the photos.

At one point, Hunter’s website had close to five million hits in one month, bringing in somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 in advertising profits. In spite of the nature of the website and criticism from everywhere, Hunter appeared unfazed. He said, “I’m not doing anything wrong, in my opinion, yet I would not want to be on the site.

In April 2012, a couple of years after multiple individuals were shocked by their appearance on Hunter’s website, it closed down. At the time, Hunter sold the domain to James McGibney, an internet business owner, for a nominal fee. At that time, anyone that saw the website was redirected to BullyVille, a website run by James where people share their tales of being harassed. Since it was obtaining hard to go through the enhancing number of kid pornography entries, Hunter declared he made a decision to offer.

Is it Still Active or is it Closed?

While it originally seemed like Hunter had turned over a new leaf, he after that introduced he would introduce one more similar website. Hunter declared that he offered the old website just for money and stated that his new website would even have a map to discover the individual whose image got posted online. However, that never happened because Hunter was sent out to federal prison for being involved in a hacking plan to access to personal pictures. While Is Anyone Up? redirected to BullyVille for some time, it was later on offered to a grown-up entertainment company and also, since 2016, held pornography. That doesn’t appear to be the instance any longer, with the domain going no place. Seeker’s variation of Is Anyone Up? was shut down for good in April 2012 after James bought the domain name.

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