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What Happens Between Sole and Massimo? Do Sole and Massimo End Up Together?

Netflix’s Italian rom-com ‘Jumping From High Places’ is based on author Chiara Parenti’s Italian fiction novel ‘Per Lanciarsi Dalle Stelle’ (freely equated to ‘To Launch From destiny’). Directed by Andrea Jublin, the film informs the tale of Sole Santoro, a young woman with serious anxiousness problems. After the fatality of her ideal friend, Emma, Sole determines to conquer her concerns and also establishes out to complete a list of tasks that scare her.

An old crush in the kind of Massimo returns to Sole’s life as she pins for his affection. If you desire to discover out concerning the romantic future of Sole and also Massimo in ‘Jumping From High Places,’ right here is everything you require to understand!

What Happens Between Sole as well as Massimo?

In ‘Jumping From High Places,’ Sole as well as Massimo have actually recognized each considering that they were youngsters. Both grow up in the very same town, and Massimo is the bro of Sole’s friend, Emma. In the years after college, Massimo relocates to Milan as well as becomes a successful engineer. On the other hand, Sole stays in Apulia, her hometown, because of her anxiety and also lack of ability to vacate her convenience area. Emma additionally moves away as well as dies in an unfortunate car accident. After Emma’s fatality, Sole’s interaction with Massimo reduces.

Sole discloses that she has had a crush on Massimo given that childhood. Massimo goes back to Apulia to give Sole a letter from Emma. While Sole still has enchanting sensations for Massimo, she is furious that Massimo maintained the letter from her for nearly two years. Because of this, Sole and Massimo’s relationship sours. However, as Sole begins vacating her convenience area, she begins fixing her partnership with Massimo.

Do Sole and also Massimo End Up Together?

Sole and also Massimo’s partnership starts to stabilize with time as Sole forgives him for hiding the letter. Sole additionally aids Massimo heal his partnership with Xavier, Emma’s husband. On Sole’s 25th birthday, Massimo kisses Sole as well as professes his sensations for her.

While Sole has actually been in love with Massimo considering that childhood years, she transforms down his romantic strategy. Sole and also Danio create a strong bond, as well as Sole enjoys Danio’s company.

Sole really feels acting upon her feelings for Massimo would certainly imply that she is still holding on to the past. Instead, she desires to discover new possibilities in life. Therefore, Sole lets go of her sensations for Massimo. The 2 concur to continue to be friends. Inevitably, Sole as well as Massimo do not wind up together. Massimo just falls for Sole after she transforms her individuality right. Furthermore, Sole choosing to seek a love with Massimo would have hindered her trip of self-discovery.

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