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What is good about Valery Todorovsky’s series “Navvoe”? It makes it possible to remember your love

In my viewpoint, there is absolutely nothing more intriguing in life than tales about one’s own or someone else’s dramatic love. The world will fall down, but you can listen to love even on its ruins.

His “In Two” is a series about a deafening feeling that breaks the fairly determined life of achieved, often not free individuals. It has to do with love that melts, exhausts, delights, ruins the acquainted world, makes loved ones suffer, and also at the same time makes them pleased.

Two Moscow clerks go on a business trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The sedate, cool married Kostya (Danila Kozlovsky), who is closer to 40, as well as the light of Sanya (Alexander Petrov), who has long had a formula for easy flirting: “There are no home windows in my active timetable, but there is a window – we can fly right into it.” They go to St. Petersburg with the typical set of office functions – consulting, marketing, another thing to set as well as examine up in the sponsored branch of the funding’s bank. Kostya has an other half Lisa in Moscow (Anna Sinyakina) is a medical professional, she has operations, night shifts. They have been living for a long time, he is her light in the home window, she is an infinite spouse and also truly wants a kid, yet it does not exercise, as well as here is one more possibility – a new reproductologist.

Kostya, who has long forgotten about lyrical agitation, is rolling along the track. In his existing life, he worries why no one satisfied them at the terminal, and he angrily dials a number that is identifiable to lots of – “Ira Meeting Peter.” Sanya – with the prospect of another acquaintance on an organization journey, however he is additionally “tired of coping with reflexes” and also a little “I want sensations.” In a St. Petersburg bank, the security forces – there is the owner as well as a search that got away abroad. There is a late bohemian Ira (Irina Starshenbaum), which, due to her mental complication, sheds her task, and at that minute Kostya is attracted into her destiny, as if right into a funnel. Sanya, on the way back to Sapsan, meets the cellist Nastya (the initial role in the movie of Elizaveta Bazykina ), that goes to the competition in Moscow as well as with a wave of the bow turns Sanya’s life into a passion that he can not also consider.

These sensations that have dropped on the heroes are developed in “Two” not at a common serial pace, when you can enjoy it in the background. Todorovsky has a connection between 2 couples and also the life around them – whether it’s a company party in a bank, a conversation with a smart manager (Andrey Tashkov ), conversations with Ira’s all-understanding granny (Elena Smirnova ), paying attention to a competitive cellist program, a postoperative person on a cart, a chain of Moscow trouble police in evening Moscow – unfolds gradually, like a big roll.

In the foreground of Todorovsky in the Television series “In Two”, as when in his initial huge movie “Love” (1991 ), not ladies’s suffering, however guys’s feelings about the arising sensation for a lady, which radically alters the feeling of life. The primary personality of “Love” was Sasha Evgenia Mironova, and also Masha Natalya Petrova was just a conductor of his transforming world.

And also currently each of them has love backhanded, both of them are rolling into the abyss at the rate of the Sapsan, as well as it is not clear exactly how to stop this avalanche.

Valery Todorovsky constantly finds something brand-new in reproduced artists, getting right into some of their treasured spaces and also crannies – in “Nadvoe” Kozlovsky and Petrov have an extraordinary acting elevation! Todorovsky subtly takes care of women duties. And also Todorovsky granted the duty of the talented debutante Bazykina at the very same time with the charm of young people, women bitchiness and the lack of ability to understand what she needs.

” Navvoe” is the second, after “Otte sang”, the series of Todorovsky-director. Nothing attaches these projects – neither the story, neither the framework (nine episodes against 12), neither the personalities. Well, except that Kozlovsky, who dreamed of playing the function of Khrustalev in the Thaw, which Tsyganov had, played two times in Nadvoe at once as well as for every little thing. Todorovsky does not repeat himself, he discovers his very own language to discuss the partnership in between a guy and a woman. Exactly how they are born and what they are entrusted to. Despite the fact that in “Nadvoe” one can remember Ryazanov’s “Iron of Fate …”, as well as Danelia’s “Autumn Marathon”, Todorovsky once more figured out just how to reveal love. It was produced with Sapsan Moscow-Petersburg, via Anna Drubich’s soaking up rhythm music., with St. Petersburg front doors, roofings, bridges, boats, Moscow offices, static coffee shops and also roads of forgotten protests …

Everyone has stories that adults conceal for numerous factors. Occasionally – in order not to injure liked ones, while their very own injury does not recover. The treatment might be that a person exterior will certainly tell such a tale. It will certainly offer you the chance to bear in mind how you experienced, wrecked your very own as well as other people’s lives, exactly how you transformed, left or did not dare to leave in order to begin throughout once again. Bear in mind that you also experienced it, and these couple of mins of screen time are about your love as well.

Valery Todorovsky devoted this series to the memory of his partner – the gorgeous actress Evgenia Brik, who died in February 2022. The very first title “In two” on the water, on the sparkling waves of the Neva – “Dedicated to Zhenya.”

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