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What is Leo Baker Net Worth

Although Leo Baker (formerly Lacey Baker; birthed November 24, 1991) really did not have a flawlessly steady life while maturing in Covina, California, skateboarding was constantly his continuous friend. It thus comes as not a surprise that regardless of everything he has been via both personally in addition to expertly, as thoroughly checked out in Netflix’s ‘Stay on Board,’ he’s still an active action athlete. So given that we know he ‘d basically started functioning as a teen, let’s find out more concerning his career trajectory as well as his incomes to uncover his overall estimated net worth, shall we?

How Did Leo Barker Earn His Money?

Leo was admittedly just two or three years old when he entered into skating upon seeing his foster siblings simply enjoy as well as do various methods on a mini ramp they had in the backyard. He in fact got his initial board shortly after, and also even when he went back to his mother’s treatment, he took care of to proceed thanks to her utmost assistance, based on the docudrama manufacturing. It started as a means for him to delight in while getting away the family members scenario due to the fact that they “rarely had anything,” but he realized he can give sponsorship as quickly as he registered in competitors.

” My mother would certainly drive me to competitors once a month,” Leo candidly confessed in the Netflix initial before including, “that was a majority of my teenager years. In various other words, for more than a years from 2006 onwards, Leo’s emphasis was on contending given that he truly believed as well as enjoyed the sport there was no other choice.

Whether it be the Mystic Skate Cup, the X Games, the Street League, or the Exposure Pro Street, among lots of other events, Leo did and also usually ranked high nearly all over. He did take a break when a few of his sponsorships fell through to function as a visuals designer in Los Angeles, yet the business globe just can not maintain him satisfied in the way he desired. He therefore moved to New York City and also formally transformed professional, following which he continued to win more titles from the Woman’s Team, that is, till the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics entered into the picture.

Leo identified he needed to welcome his true self, driving him to concentrate solely on road skate boarding after coming out as a transmasculine non-binary individual (pronouns: he/him or they/them). He later even developed Glue Skateboards along with Cher Strauberry in addition to Stephen Ostrowski– close friends, fellow skaters, and also artists– to increase his message of queer approval. We ought to state the Olympic Team resignee had actually formerly currently introduced the NYC Skate Project as a deliberate secure area for not only queer, trans, and also non-binary individuals but likewise cis women.

Leo Baker Net Worth

With his competitors background, companies, and sponsorships by Nike, Mob Grip, and also Pawnshop Skate Co., amongst others, it appears as if Leo Baker’s net worth remains in the $1.5 to $2 million range right now. His function in Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Mother’s Daughter,” in famous Tony Hawk’s computer game, along with in the Netflix docudrama on her very own life, supposedly largely contribute to the same as well. As if that’s inadequate, the truth he’s advancing right into an artist and somebody with different brand collaborations also basically guarantees this amount will just increase a great deal greater as time goes on.

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