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What Is the Matchbook in Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Who Is the Glitter Guy

Hulu’s ‘Only Murders in the Building’ season 2 brings some exciting mysteries to the visitors as Charles, Oliver, as well as Mabel find themselves caught in an additional murder. The trio is implicated in the murder of Bunny Folger and need to locate a means to verify their virtue. Incorrect proof maintains popping into their residences, mounting them for the criminal offense.

While doing so, they discover a matchbook that would be their biggest clue and also run into the strange Glitter Guy they should contend with. If you are seeking solutions concerning the matchbook’s value as well as its connection to Glitter Guy, below is whatever you need to understand! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Is the Matchbook?

The matchbook is an item that connects the mysterious awesome of Bunny Folger’s fatality to the triad of Charles, Mabel, and also Oliver. In the 5th episode, Mabel finds the matchbook in the secret passage hidden inside the Arconia. The matchbook has a partial finger print that Mabel thinks come from the awesome. Therefore, the matchbook is a large clue and also likely vital proof in the case. Later, Oliver speaks with Bunny’s web server, Ivan. He discovers that a mysterious mask-clad person fulfilled Bunny a day prior to her death at the Pickle Diner.

In the seventh episode of season 2, Mabel is attacked and also robbed by a strange figure recognized as the Glitter Guy. The Glitter Guy swipes Mabel’s backpack that has the matchbook. Mabel gets her bag with Theo Dimas’ aid, the matchbook is missing out on as well as likely still in the Glitter Guy’s ownership.

Who Is the Glitter Guy?

The Glitter Guy is presented in the sixth episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ season 2. In the episode, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel try to contact the mysterious individual who texted them on the evening Bunny died. They believe that the number comes from Detective Williams. Nevertheless, after the triad learns that Detective Williams is in Denver, they realize that they are texting another person. Because of this, Charles, Mabel, and also Oliver make a decision to establish a catch to capture the individual and also reveal their identification.

The triad produces a glitter bomb and also plants it inside the dumber from where the person is supposed to gather the proof. When the individual gets here, they obtain covered in glitter. Prior to Charles, Oliver, as well as Mabel can obtain to the mysterious figure, they run away. Thus, the triad starts referring to he or she as the Glitter Guy. In the eighth episode, visitors learn that the Glitter Guy stole Mabel’s knapsack, as well as the shadowy figure on the metro attacked her. Theo exposes that he discovered a safety firm’s card left by the Glitter Guy.

The protection firm is in Coney Island and also the only idea regarding the Glitter Guy’s identification. In the episode, Mabel comes across the Glitter Guy once more however stops working to learn their real identity. Eventually, the Glitter Guy stays an enigmatic and evasive number. Nonetheless, considered that the character’s intro is juxtaposed against Poppy telling Mabel regarding Cinda Canning’s true purposes, it is likely that the Glitter Guy is helping Cinda. Nonetheless, viewers will certainly have to stay tuned to get a clear-cut solution.

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