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What to see besides Mayfair Witches: main projects with Alexandra Daddario

Mayfair Witches , a mystical series based on a series of novels by Anne Rice , premiered yesterday . Alexandra Daddario played the title role in the show . While you are waiting for the release of new episodes, we offer you to get acquainted with other worthy projects in which the actress with big blue eyes played.

Nice start with cameo appearances

Daddario announced her acting ambitions very early, at the age of 11. True, these were rather big words. They became a reality only after 6 years. She received her first and rather prominent role in the little-known show “All My Children” in Russia and lasted there for as many as 25 episodes. Although this, of course, is crumbs, because the cult “Santa Barbara” would envy its duration. He stayed on the air for almost 42 years, during which more than 10 thousand episodes were released. It was followed by small appearances in cult projects that became a beautiful line in the filmography – Law and Order and The Sopranos”. At an early stage, Alexandra even managed to work with director Noah Baumbach, who is still gaining popularity, in the film The Squid and the Whale. Probably the most important for her future career will be the White Collar series, where she played the role of the protagonist’s lover. Although this on-screen relationship did not last long, and by the final season only the most devoted fans remembered her, the actress was able to notice.

Percy Jackson

Her first major film role was an adaptation of a popular teen book series. The expectations of the producers were huge, because then, back in 2010, the creators planned to challenge Harry Potter himself. The picture told about ordinary-looking teenagers who turned out to be descendants of the ancient Greek gods and lived in our days. Daddario got the main female role. She became the daughter of the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena. The film received a very cold reception, bad reviews and modest, even for those times, fees. Despite this, the studio tried to fix all the mistakes in the sequel. Alexandra returned to her role in Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters , but it never helped birth a high-profile new franchise. The actress had to move on and look for new bold images.

Horror and thrillers

Between teen adaptations, Daddario completely changes direction and tries his hand at the horror genre. She landed the lead role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D , a revival of the famous movie franchise. Here I had to squeal a lot with fear and run from another crazy maniac in a mask with a chainsaw. Narrow space for any acting talent. On the other hand, she was in full view and did not get lost in the background. Further, her career is inextricably linked with brutal killers and horrors. The next project was not long in coming. They became the 1st season of the famous series ” True Detective “, where Alexandra played the role of Woody Harrelson ‘s mistressand was forced to put up with the overshoots of a drinking and troubled detective. The actress spoke warmly about the opportunity to work with excellent partners on the set, one of which was Matthew McConaughey .

Daddario faced on the screen not only with maniacs, but also with a living dead. In the comedy horror film My Girlfriend is a Zombie , she had to compete with Anton Yelchin’s undead girlfrienddevouring human flesh for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Such a fight can hardly be called equal, but the actress easily emerges victorious when she sees the coveted ring on her finger. She will soon be able to show her talent by joining Ryan Murphy’s acclaimed anthology series American Horror Story. Alexandra became the guest star of the fifth season. It tells the chilling story of a string of brutal murders that took place at the Cortez Hotel. She got the role of Natasha Rambova, the wife of the Italian actor Rudolf Valentino. Both heroes have real prototypes and refer to the era of silent films, complicating this on-screen reincarnation. Lady Gaga became a partner on the set , with whom Daddario was to star in a very hot scene.

But even now, the actress continues to face murder and the surrounding darkness. In Hannibal’s Game , a chilling thriller about a maniac with many personalities , she plays the role of Henry Cavill ‘s profiler and partner , helping to save a kidnapped girl. This time, the heroine Daddario no longer sits in the shadows and takes an active part in the investigation. Death haunts her, albeit in a slightly different vein, and in the recent crime series Why Women Kill . Alexandra becomes a problematic neighbor, turning a strong marriage into a real problem, literally forcing her husband and ex-girlfriend to break the law.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Baywatch reboot and multiple rom-coms

The first really expensive blockbuster in her career was the disaster film ” The San Andreas Fault “, in which Alexandra was forced to flee from California that had split in half. Her heroine can only hope for the help of her father and part-time professional rescuer. He was portrayed by Dwayne Johnson . A sequel to the film has already been launched, and the main stars promise to return to their roles. Very soon, the actors met again at the restart of the cult series of the 90s ” Baywatch “. Daddario was supposed to be Zac Efron ‘s main love interest(with whom, according to rumors, they had an affair even after filming) and repeat the famous run along the beach in slow motion. These two pictures with a popular partner are the most famous works of the actress that appeared on the big screens.

Against this background, the other side of the career dissolves – romcoms, in which she got the role of the main romantic interest. Many never even made it to our theaters, and others, like When We First Met , were on Netflix. Probably the most striking of this list were ” Parking “, where Alexandra was forced to compete for the heart of a man with a blonde Kate Upton , and the recent “Can you keep secrets?”, Where her heroine finds herself in an awkward situation, spilling all her secrets to a neighbor on an airplane .

Lois Lane voice acting in Superman : Man of Tomorrow and All Shades of Tokyo

Alexandra Daddario alternates between thriller and rom-coms, only occasionally trying herself in other genres. But even in them, she still gets supporting roles, not allowing her to be noted for a truly serious acting job. But she does not despair and continues to try herself in a new role, disowning the image of a charming simpleton, ideal for romantic comedies and teen horror. In 2020, Alexandra voiced Lois Lane in the cartoon about the adventures of Superman and may continue to work with the DC animation studio. The erotic thriller All the Shades of Tokyo, in which Alexandra played the main role, also added new shades to Daddario’s career. In the film, the girl encounters inner demons on the streets of an indifferent Tokyo and sinks to the social bottom, painfully getting out of a protracted depression.

White Lotus

In 2021, Alexandra Daddario appeared in the first season of the acclaimed satirical series White Lotus about rich people vacationing in Hawaii, in which she played the confused journalist Rachel. The heroine of the actress is truly unhappy and lonely, despite the fact that she married a wealthy guy – her husband does not understand her, and the hopes for a dizzying career are gradually fading away, and the girl is completely desperate, but eventually finds the strength to move on. Daddario became a real star of the first season of the show, but, unfortunately, will not appear in it again.

Mayfair witches

A new mystical series starring Alexandra Daddario, based on the series of novels by Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice, tells the story of a successful neurosurgeon named Rowan, who unexpectedly discovers that she belongs to an ancient family of witches who have made a deal with a terrible demon. The girl has to reveal her abilities and break the family curse. So far, only two episodes have been released, but the series already looks promising.

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