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When and How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV?

Magic Johnson, whom they drafted in 1979, was a crucial cog in their champion runs. Magic’s having fun job was suddenly reduced short in 1991 when he found out that he checked positive for HIV.

Exactly how and also When Did Magic Johnson Contract HIV?

Magic had a regular physical examination soon prior to the 1991-1992 NBA season. On October 24, 1991, he got a call from the Lakers medical professional asking him ahead home today. At the time, Magic was in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as the physician didn’t want to talk about it over the phone. Upon his return, Magic was told that he checked favorable for HIV. Back then, he remained in disbelief, requesting for two even more examinations that eventually returned favorable.

Magic remembered his reaction, “You simply rest there as well as claim, ‘What does this imply? Am I gon na die?'” He was also fretted about his wife, Cookie, who was expectant. Thankfully, both she and the child checked adverse for the infection. Magic had to deal with telling the remainder of the globe concerning his diagnosis. He required an interview on November 7, 1991. Before that, Magic made sure several of his fellow gamers recognized it by calling them and letting them understand.

In one of the most essential moments in basketball history, Magic announced that he would retire with instant impact because he had actually examined HIV positive. He was optimistic, stating, “I plan on going on, living for a lengthy time, bugging you individuals like I constantly have. I prepare on being with the Lakers.

In 1991, the world was still finding out about HIV and also AIDS, as well as numerous were uneducated about the disease. There were rumors pertaining to Magic’s sexuality. Consequently, he spoke freely about being with many ladies throughout his playing profession, later on being slammed for his indiscrimination. A few years after that, Magic implicated Isiah Thomas, a player with the Detroit Pistons, of spreading rumors regarding Magic being bisexual or gay.

Magic still played in the 1992 Olympics and, in 1994, went back to the Lakers as a train. He resigned when the season finished, returning as a player in 1996 for one season. In a 2021 meeting, Magic gone over telling Cookie regarding his diagnosis. He stated, “It was hard due to the fact that I liked her a lot, and I hated to hurt her. I’ve played against some of the ideal basketball players in the world? I’ve been in championships. I’ve been in 9 [NBA] Finals, so I know stress. There was no better stress than driving home to tell her.”

In the years after Magic’s playing profession finished, he has actually come to be a successful entrepreneur. He additionally kept the HIV in check by caring for his body and obtaining the requisite treatment. Magic’s HIV is undetected today, but he still needs to take a cocktail of medications once daily to make sure it stays this way.

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