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Where and how is the place where the remains of Vicente Fernandez rest

A few days after Vicente Fernandez’s first mournful anniversary, the stories of his life and also the rate of interest in what his last moments were like have remained to grow. Nearly a year back, the Fernandez Abarca household shared their last farewell with the thousands of fans of Don Vicente, however the moment of the interment was booked for an intimate moment.

The local Mexican songs titan passed away on December 12 at the age of 81, after months of illness as well as hospitalization. A few days later on, he enabled the electronic cameras to reveal the interpreter’s followers the images of the last resting place of his idolizer. The remains of Vicente Fernandez rest in the “Los Tres Potrillos” cattle ranch, located in Tlajomulco de Zuniga, at kilometer 20 of the Guadalajara-Chapala freeway, in Jalisco.

After an emotional homage gone to by some 50,000 individuals, consisting of household as well as close friends, Don Vicente Fernandez was hidden at his cattle ranch, where he asked that his mortal remains continue to be.

The room selected by the household is alongside the main entry of the Los Tres Potrillos cattle ranch, where the vocalist spent the ins 2015 of his life and when he stated his last farewell, it was crowned by a scale sculpture of a charro made in bronze, in memory of Vicente Fernandez.

In November, the household reopened the cattle ranch entrances by installing a vibrant Day of the Dead altar to honor his memory. The church was positioned right alongside the vocalist’s burial place, at the entrance of his cattle ranch called Los Tres Potrillos and regarding the general public occurred a course lined with cempasuchil blossoms and also candle lights.

According to the family members, craftsmens from the neighboring state of Michoacan were in charge of making this church with cempasuchil candles, flowers as well as candles positioned from the entrance of the place to the burial place.

The place was decorated with traditional elements such as the sugar skull, crosses, flowers and bread of the dead and with the individual objects of the Charro de Huentitan with a picture of the singer, his charro fit and also his saddle, along with some sweets and also beverages that he liked.

Los Tres Potrillos is a resort in Guadalajara where site visitors can become part of the intimacy of the household as well as enjoy the food served in its restaurant, and on this sad first anniversary, it will definitely offer us brand-new postcards from the place where it was will pay tribute this December 12.

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