Where Are 1983 Australian Yacht Crew Members Today?

Where Are 1983 Australian Yacht Crew Members Today?

Their yacht video game was so solid that no one ever came close to winning the cup from them. A group of Australians– Australia II– challenged them as well as did well in taking the cup house.

It was a collective initiative of the group that fought hammer and tongs under the leadership of John Bertrand. The race for the win came so close that for a moment, it appeared like the Australians had lost it. Ultimately, nevertheless, the underdog transformed the face and also prevailed of the sport for the time to find. Here’s what you should recognize about them if you are asking yourself where they all are currently.

Where is Rob Brown Now?

When asked how they felt after winning America’s Cup, nearly every staff member said the same point: alleviation. Rob Brown, who served as the leaner, said, “It was an outright relief when you consider that we were leading 2 races and afterwards they came back once more– the lay days, the weather blow-out, the competition opted for 13 days– so when you actually ultimately get there, it was an alleviation. All the crew remained in bed by 10 o’clock that night– we had probably a number of beers and we were simply mentally happy. It wasn’t up until a number of days later that we went out and also verified and also partied to be hopeless drunks.”

Prior to winning the ’83 cup, Brown had also sailed for it in ’80. He likewise made it through the unfortunate Fastnet Race in 1979.

Brown is likewise a three-times JJ Giltinan globe 18ft Skiff champion and was granted the Order of Australia Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Sport in 1984. He has actually trained Olympics sailors, was inducted right into the Australian Bi-Centennial Hall of Fame, as well as has been nominated for the Australian of the Year and also NSW Yachtsman of the Year.

Where is John Longley Now?

The mill of the crew, John Longley, was inducted into America’s Cup Hall of Fame in 2009. A daddy of two, he was sworn by the Governor-General to the National Maritime Museum, Sydney. He has actually served as the chair of the Perth Regional Tourism Organisation. He has actually joined 5 America’s Cup campaigns, including the ’83 win, for which he ‘d played an integral part in picking the crew as well as liquid chalking out the very best cruising techniques for the team.

Longley also coordinated the watercraft’s building and co-designed the boat’s deck format with Ben Lexcen. He is the recipient of the Order of Australia Medal and has likewise been granted Australian Sports Medal and also Australian Centenary Medal, along with a place in the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame. Since creating, Longley remains in his mid-70s as well as likely lives in Sydney, New South Wales, with his wife, Jenny.

Where is Grant Simmer Now?

Australia II Navigator Grant Simmer is another America’s Cup Hall of Famer from the team. He has actually been appointed as the Australian Sailing Board Director. Following the win in ’83, Simmer went on to come to be a very crucial part of Australia’s sailing neighborhood. For 17 years, he was the co-owner of North Sails Australia. He has completed in America’s Cup 11 times, in the functions of either a crew participant or a group leader, as well as has actually secured a total of four wins.

In 2003, Simmer assisted design watercrafts for Alinghi and Oracle, assisting in their success. He has acted as the CEO of Britain’s America’s Team, INEOS TEAM UK. He has actually been on the Australian Yachting Federation board and also was inducted into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame in its inaugural year.

Where is Skip Lissiman Now?

One more trimmer in Australia II was Skip Lissiman, that leads a really active life with his various functions in several organizations. The recipient of the Order of Australia Medal works as a Senior Executive and also Management Consultant. He is the Executive Chairman of Poppy Lissiman & Carbon Monoxide Pty Ltd as well as gets on the Board of Directors of Australian Sailing since 2016.

Lissiman is likewise the proprietor of Skip Lissiman Consulting and is a keynote speaker. He was also part of the crew that won the ’83 Louis Vuitton Cup and the ’79 Admirals Cup. His other success consist of Australian Champion in the J24s’, Australian Match Racing, as well as the National Champion in the Etchells Class 2006-07. On the individual front, Lissiman leads rather an active way of life and takes part in experience tasks in his downtime. He stays in Perth with his wife Suzi and also is quite close with their kids– child, Poppy, as well as boy, André.

Where is Hugh Treharne Now?

Every duty in the Australia II crew had its very own collection of duties, however none was rather like the one that tactician Hugh Treharne had. He had to be acutely alert to the surrounding, especially to keep an eye on the wind instructions. He had to watch the waves and count on his sense of scent to really feel the motion of the wind and determine what course would be best for the yacht to win the race.

Now a conscript right into the Boating Industry Hall of Fame, Treharne remains to work in the direction of broadening the perspectives of cruising. In 2013, the cash that he obtained from his induction, he provided to Sailability, a program that is intended to assist people of all capacities, “the senior, the economically and also socially deprived along with people with physical difficulties” to go into cruising. A Hall of Famer in Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, he is wed to Jeanine Treharne, who has likewise sculpted a place for herself as an achieved yatchsperson as well as a multi-media individuality.

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