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Where Are Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt Now? Woodstock ’99’

Netflix’s ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99’ is a three-part documentary that features interviews with the individuals who functioned to set up the celebration. Colin Speir as well as Lee Rosenblatt, that were part of the organizing group, stated what they experienced at the time.

That Are Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt?

Colin and also Lee were both in their twenties when the work to establish up Woodstock began. While Colin was part of the production group, Lee was the aide website manager.

Lee Rosenblatt

On the show, Colin talked about understanding just how the organizing group was seeking to save money by reducing edges. They were informed that it was inevitably a money-making venture, as well as Lee recognized that it quit being about the concert-going experience. Woodstock then became regarding earning money as well as cutting budgets. Lee mentioned that the food legal rights were offered, so the group had no control over the pricing, leading to cost gouging.

By the 2nd day, Colin began reading about facilities breaking down as well as the awful condition of the portable toilets. Because the sewer as well as the cleanliness departments had budget plan cuts also, they were acquired out, as well as according to Lee, the subcontractors didn’t do a sufficient job. The program’s topsy-turvy nature kept injuring the watching experience, and the team had one last shock in store.

Colin Speir

On the program, Lee kept in mind hearing on the radio about having a candlelight vigil towards the end of the last act upon the last day. He promptly relayed that the fire marshall had not authorized such a thing. According to Lee, John Scher, the promoter, asked him to quit speaking and also get off the radio channel. The vigil became a negative idea due to the fact that concert-goers set fires everywhere when the show ended, putting everyone in danger.

Where Are Colin Speir and also Lee Rosenblatt Today?

On the show, Colin stated that Michael never dealt with the group or checked on their well-being, providing the feeling that he really did not care. Colin has relocated on with his life since after that, and also the New York indigenous presently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Lee started Preferred Touring Solutions, a touring as well as travel business that sustains musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even upper-level diplomats. His experience aided him in signing up with the advisory board of a ‘problem-solving’ company in Washington DC. Lee later additionally began Lee Rosenblatt Advisory, and he prides himself on solving intricate problems utilizing an unique method. Lee’s last known area remains in Pennsylvania, and also social media sites shows that he highly believes in promoting love, peace, and also God.

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