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Where Are Desiree Boltos and also Paul Hill Now?

Between January 2012 and May 2017, 6 elderly people were scammed out of millions by a couple posing as brother or sisters. The authorities quickly discovered them, at some point apprehending Desiree Boltos and also Paul Hill. The third episode of ABC News’ ‘The Con’ considers a devious rip-off performed by Desiree and also Paul, inevitably netting them more than $3 million. If you’re interested concerning what took place and also whether they were brought to justice, we’ve obtained you covered.

How Did Desiree Boltos and Paul Hill Swindle Money?

In January 2012, an after that 72-year-old Danny Barnett came throughout an after that 32-year-old Desiree Boltos at an article office in Texas. That occurred because Desiree informed him she required insurance policy to pay for her cancer cells surgeries. Desiree introduced Paul Hill to him as her brother.

Paul was Desiree’s common-law other half and also the dad of her youngsters, with the household living in the luxurious residence Danny had actually purchased for her. Desiree would certainly usually need money for her sibling’s business, legal troubles, clinical issues, or homelessness, with Paul typically aiding her out.

By the time Danny died in 2016, Desiree had taken practically all of his financial savings, and also he lived in an empty home. In late 2012, James Olmstead bumped into Desiree at a neighborhood store in Texas, later on leading to a conversation. Desiree told him he might see her if he aided her out economically.

One more method Desiree met her marks was by resting beside them on an airplane. That was exactly how she entered Paul Wilbur’s life. Wilbur was also told that Paul Hill was Desiree’s brother, and he provided her more than $400,000, with a comparable amount going to Paul’s meant autobody service. At the time, Desiree asked Wilbur for cash for a non-existent interior decoration organization, fake cancer treatments, and lied about being homeless with her children.

When he came to work on the cars and truck, he obtained Desiree along. Desiree befriended him, and also according to his sis, Patti Hamilton, Desiree accessed his chauffeur’s certificate, financial institution account, as well as social safety and security number.

Beginning in April 2017, 3 costly autos were acquired under Douglas’ name. One of those autos was later on seen at Desiree’s home.

Desiree met Richard Lima and Lois Cardin through an on-line dating service. Desiree traveled to Florida to meet Loise as well as convinced him to guarantee a note for a vehicle.

Where Are Desiree Boltos and also Her Husband Paul Hill Now?

The authorities thought Desiree was part of a Romanian group targeting senior people. In November 2018, after that 37, she was condemned of five matters of theft as well as one matter of exploiting a senior citizen. Sentencing varied from 10 years to 85 years for each matter, however Desiree was asked to offer them concurrently, making her last sentence 85 years. She was likewise asked to pay a penalty of $10,000 per count. Jail documents indicate that Desiree continues to be incarcerated at the William P. Hobby Unit in Marlin, Texas. She will certainly be eligible for parole in December 2024.

In November 2021, after that 43, Paul pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering, burglary of property, arranged criminal task, and jumping bail. While the overall sentence was 125 years, he was asked to serve them simultaneously, bringing the number of years to 85, the longest sentence. Prison documents indicate that Paul remains jailed at a correctional facility in Texas.

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