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Where Are Kevin Zieleniewski and John Hielscher Now?

When lawyer Kevin Zieleniewski found out just how Thomas as well as Raymond Highers were founded guilty for killing Robert Karey, he understood he needed to take action. Kevin resided in Detroit, Michigan, at the time of Robert’s murder as well as remembered that his old flatmate John Hielscher had discussed being there on the evening of the disaster. ‘Dateline: Graduation Night’ takes the audience via the horrific slaying and also details just how Kevin and John included themselves in the examination. Allow’s delve into the realities bordering the murder and also figure out where Kevin as well as John go to existing, shall we?

Who Are Kevin Zieleniewski as well as John Hielscher?

Robert Karey, a well-known pusher in Detroit, Michigan, was fired dead at close range with a shotgun at his own home on June 26, 1987. Around that time, Kevin was going to regulation school in Detroit as well as utilized to share an area with his then-roommate, John Hielscher Quickly after Robert’s murder, Kevin got to find out that his roommate was present at the sufferer’s home on that particular eventful night because he wished to get some cannabis. John described that although they were around to ask for the drug, they saw a team of black individuals, consisting of 2 armed people, approach the back door of the residence. When they dropped the strategy of obtaining drugs and also made a quick escape, that was. While fleing, John and also his pals heard 2 loud shotgun blasts before whatever went silent. Neither John neither Kevin came close to authorities during the first murder investigation as well as maintained what they saw to themselves.

At the same time, an additional eyewitness, Thomas Culberson, stepped up and declared that he found two white males fleing from the scene of the criminal activity shortly after the murder. The cops obtained another evident development when a guy called Jamie Lawrence came forward as well as urged that he had actually heard one Thomas Highers chatting concerning robbing and killing Robert Karey. Jamie additionally affirmed that both Thomas and his sibling, Raymond Highers owed the target cash, which gave them an objective for murder.

Once authorities brought Thomas and Raymond Highers in for wondering about, they firmly insisted on their innocent and also claimed that they weren’t entailed. With such clear eyewitness statements, the authorities jailed the Highers bro and also billed them with first-degree murder, attack with intent to murder, as well as ownership of a firearm throughout a felony. As a result, in 1988, they were sentenced to life without parole for first-degree murder, along with a few additional years for the other sentences.

Where Are Kevin Zieleniewski as well as John Hielscher Today?

Kevin Zieleniewski entered the situation in 2009 when he came across the event in a Facebook post as well as learned exactly how Thomas and Raymond were convicted. That was when Kevin called John up as well as tried to persuade him to affirm on part of the sibling.

John Hielscher.

At the hearing for the movement, John, in addition to another individual called James Gianunzio, testified that they had actually seen armed black guys come close to Robert’s door prior to the shotgun went off. Ultimately, based upon the testament, the court granted a retrial, and also while Tomas and also Raymond Highers were launched on bond in 2012, the prosecution dropped the case in 2013, acquitting them of all charges.

Given that after that, John Hielscher has preferred a life of personal privacy and also has a limited existence on social media, making his present whereabouts unclear. On the other hand, Kevin Zieleniewski presently appears to reside in Washington, D.C., and also is still practicing as an attorney. Visitors would be interested to know that Kevin also appeared on the ‘Dateline’ show, where he discussed his experience helpful the Highers siblings clear their names.

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