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Where Are Queena Phu and also Kendrick Morris Now?

The night of April 24, 2008, left the Tampa Bay Area scared when citizens got to know of the ruthless rape and attack on teen Queena Phu. Queena was returning a few publications at the Bloomingdale collection when she was raped and also beaten prior to being left unconscious, blind, and paralyzed. Lifetime’s ‘#TextMeWhenYouGetHome: Queena Phu’ chronicles the stunning strike and also shows exactly how the authorities examination led directly to another teenager, Kendrick Morris. Allow’s delve into the details bordering the situation and also find out where Queena and also Kendrick go to present, shall we?

That Are Queena Phu and also Kendrick Morris?

Queena Phu was just eighteen at the time of the strike and stayed with her household in Hillsborough County, Florida. She was a fantastic trainee, and also the program mentioned that the teen was constantly at the top of her class. Furthermore, Queena was about to graduate secondary school soon after the occurrence and also had big ambitions for the future. Although her colleagues as well as close friends explained her to be a kindhearted and lively individual, they had no concept about the misfortune that would fall upon the teen quickly.

Kendrick, then a sixteen-year-old teenager, observed Queena walking out of the library and also attacked her at the entrance. Queena put up a valiant fight and tried to damage cost-free of her attacker’s grasp, Kendrick confirmed to be also strong and soon overpowered the eighteen-year-old.

Normally, Queena’s loved ones obtained worried when she did not return house, and also huge search parties mosted likely to the Bloomingdale Library as that was the target’s last recognized place. Upon arriving at the scene, people noticed Queena’s vehicle with her front door open and also a fair bit of blood pooling on the road. The victim’s cellphone was existing on the ground, she was nowhere to be seen, as well as the searchers panned out, looking for the missing out on lady. Eventually, Queena was found existing behind the library structure, entirely paralyzed, blind, as well as unconscious. Yet, she was still breathing and was quickly shifted to a neighborhood hospital for clinical therapy. Incidentally, the healthcare facility even detected her with mind injury as well as stated that the strike even eliminated her capacity to walk.

Although the first investigation confirmed testing without any witnesses, the police were able to extract a foreign DNA example from Queena’s body, which surprisingly matched a DNA sample from an unconnected rape case that occurred about ten months prior. Ultimately, the DNA proof from both cases led the authorities directly to Kendrick Morris, that was jailed and billed for his participation in the crimes.

Where Is Kendrick Morris Now?

When generated in court for the initial time, the jury found Kendrick guilty of a variety of charges, including kidnapping, sex-related battery, exacerbated battery, break-in, as well as armed break-in, among others. Thus, at present, Kendrick is jailed at the Wakulla Correctional Institution in Wakulla County, Florida, and will be qualified for a second sentencing testimonial in 2031.

Where Is Queena Phu Now?

Heartbreakingly, the terrible and ruthless assault left Queena with long-lasting injuries and made her wheelchair-bound permanently. Records back in 2020 pointed out that although Queena was fighting for her healing, she was still not able to stroll, see, speak, and also consume and needed someone to care for her all the time. However, the area she resides in has constantly sustained her in every means possible, as well as her enjoyed ones commonly go out of their means to ensure her convenience.

Interestingly, in 2020, Queena’s mommy determined to familiarise the globe with Queena’s story therefore released a narrative titled ‘The Life She Once Knew,’ which records the April 2008 attacks and also takes the viewer through the sentencing and also re-sentencing of Kendrick Morris. Sadly, to this very day, the scars of the attack are still fresh on Queena’s mind. However, using her loved ones’ support, she is fiercely identified to battle the devils of her past and look towards a brighter future.

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