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Where Are Rabia Khalid and Elliot Bourgeois Now?

Abdul Aziz Khan, who was 7-years-old at the time of the case, was the topic of a drawn-out custodianship battle in between Abdul Khan and also Rabia Khalid, his moms and dads. Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent’ concentrates on what happened to Aziz all the way approximately his unexpected disappearance in November 2017 as one of two tales included. Rabia and her partner, Elliot Bourgeois, additionally vanished around the same time, with the authorities thinking she abducted Aziz Khan. So, if you’re interested to learn more, below’s what we understand.

That Are Rabia Khalid as well as Elliot Bourgeois?

Rabia Khalid, initially from Columbus, Georgia, sought her undergraduate degree in Alabama, where she fulfilled Abdul Khan. After that, Rabia relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to begin a new task and be closer to her family so they can help elevate Aziz.

Rabia’s divorce from Abdul was wrapped up at some time in 2015, and it was later revealed that she married Elliot Bourgeois. He supposedly came from Huntsville, Alabama, learnt Biochemistry as well as Computer Science, as well as had actually known her since college. According to the program, Rabia and Elliot traded messages toward the end of her marriage to Abdul, as well as they began a connection.

In the meantime, Abdul specified that Rabia impeded his efforts to spend time with Aziz, causing a protracted safekeeping battle. However when it was ruled that Abdul would acquire primary protection of Aziz, Rabia wrongly implicated Abdul as well as his family of misuse, causing one more examination. Abdul stated that Elliot as well as Rabia represented themselves in court during proceedings around that time. Yet throughout the examination right into the cases made by Rabia, Abdul was not permitted to see Aziz.

It was reported that a court-appointed psycho therapist ruled Rabia as being a risk to her child. That day, Abdul was in court, yet Rabia and Aziz never ever came.

Where Are Rabia Khalid and also Elliot Bourgeois Today?

The private investigators recommended that Rabia and also Elliot had actually planned every little thing in breakthrough. Rabia, an Epidemiologist, and also Elliot, that additionally functioned in the medical field, quit their tasks in the time leading up to Aziz’s disappearance.

The authorities have taken into consideration the possibility of them establishing new lines of credit receiving and also utilizing new identifications help from family and friends. Rabia was charged with felony kidnapping and remains a fugitive from the legislation, with Aziz’s enjoyed ones and authorities looking for them far and wide.

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