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Where Are Rappers Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik Now?

GameStop, a video game merchant, saw its supply rate instantly increase manifold as multiple retail traders bought the company’s shares. Mikey Guggenheim, Rachael Sassara, as well as Erik Hess, who goes by Derik, were featured in the docuseries as well as chatted about exactly how they obtained around to investing in GameStop.

Who Are Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik?

Mikey Guggenheim is a multitalented musician who appeared on the program with his pals, Rachael Sassara as well as Erik Hess AKA Derik. While Derik and also Mikey serviced music with each other, Rachael stated she helped handle the entire thing. They discussed WallStreetBets, a forum on Reddit that reviewed investment opportunities, with Derik calling them bettors who would certainly maintain wagering larger.

He at some point learned regarding GameStop’s share rate and also chose to invest. Derik likewise spoke concerning the subprime mortgage dilemma that started in 2007 and also claimed that the parents of numerous of the people who got GameStop shares had lost out since of that economic crisis.

Derik really felt that, in a way, the GameStop saga assisted those individuals obtain back at the hedge funds. In the long run, Mikey stated his initial investment into GameStop raised by ten times. In January 2021, the share price went up to near $500 before lastly dropping down the complying with month. As a result of numerous retail investors buying up shares, hedge funds that bet on GameStop failing shed a lot of money because they needed to redeem the shares at a loss.

Where Are Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, as well as Derik Today?

Rachael has a bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Apart from that, she takes care of Mikey and also Derik’s musical occupations.

Mikey has a fine arts level in Film & Television Production from New York University. Considering that August 2015, he has actually been functioning as an independent animator and also was employed by networks like HBO, Netflix, ABC, and CBS, to name a few. His various other interests consist of direction as well as writing, along with music. Furthermore, Rachael and Mikey host a podcast with each other. Mikey donned numerous various other hats, making a venture into designing NFTs and co-founding Web3 innovative incubator. His internet site additionally offers merchandise.

Derik is a rap artist and made a song with Mikey titled ‘Gamestonk Anthem,’ released about a year ago. Apart from that, he started the Daily B-Rip, an Instagram page that news updates from the entertainment and video game industry. Furthermore, Derik is interested in skateboarding and also posts videos on his YouTube channel. In the meantime, all three appear to be based out of Los Angeles, California.

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