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Where Are Sully and Jessica Urbina Today? My Encounter with Evil Update

As the name recommends, Netflix’s ‘My Encounter with Evil’ complies with 3 Mexican women as they recount their frightening encounters with the paranormal. Each woman thought evil satanic forces had them, as well as the collection details their experiences through one-on-one meetings and also specialist evaluation. Furthermore, we get a genuine preview into their lives as well as learn just how the cases influenced their liked ones.

Jessica Urbina’s mommy, Sully Urbina, came onto the show to share her experience after finding a demon possessed her little girl. They attempted everything to deal with the evil presence, they ultimately chose a unusual and unorthodox solution, making fans eager to know where they are at present. Well, let’s learn, shall we?

That Are Sully and Jessica Urbina?

Natives of Mexico, Sully Urbina and also her daughter, Jessica, went through a frightening experience when they believed an evil devil had the last. On the program, Sully stated she had a challenging childhood years and also was emotionally and literally abused. Although it was tough for her to bear the injury and physical violence, she constantly located hope, support, as well as bravery in her grandpa, Jorge Urbina, that tried his best to protect and also heal her.

Inspired by her grandfather as well as established to find the reason behind people’s terrible streaks, Sully examined forensic psychiatry as well as started developing a profession in the exact same field. Jessica, as well, had a harsh childhood as their moms and dads were separated, and also she would certainly obtain depressing seeing her buddies interact with their enjoyed ones. Nonetheless, Sully secured her from misuse and also attempted to provide her whatever an expanding youngster may require. Sully was loving and so safety of her child that Jessica later shared she never felt the lack of a papa number in her life.

By the way, Jessica began experiencing unusual events from her growing years as the woman often declared to see an unknown women number standing in the darkness. She also put her visions on paper however was at some point neglected by her educators as well as harassed by her peers. Therefore, Jessica kept and also developed a private personality to herself a lot of the moment. Her paranormal experiences soon increased, and she declared she saw an old man with a stick in her area. Furthermore, she would certainly really feel highly inflamed at God’s name as well as needlessly angry with her liked ones.

Sully really did not believe a lot initially, yet she got worried once her daughter began obtaining inexplainable swellings as well as cuts all over her body. Even though Jessica’s mom consulted with a number of experts, including a child psychiatrist, she revealed no renovation. At some point, her habits turned highly unpredictable, and also she appeared to create superhuman strength.

Sully declared that she had actually seen her daughter’s eyes go totally white, which is when she knew that a ghoul had actually possessed her. It is said that the devil also identified himself as Asmodeus yet declared he existed to safeguard Jessica and also would certainly never let any harm involved her.

Where Are Sully and also Jessica Urbina Today?

Locating no means out, Sully and Jessica contacted a satanist that educated them just how to spin the circumstance in their favor. Presently, Jessica still is afraid being assaulted, while Sully is an out-and-out satanist as well as claims she is married to a devil called Seth.

While Sully as well as Jessica still appear to reside in Mexico, the last is completely personal regarding her individual life. On the other hand, her mommy presently functions as a forensic psychiatrist, a graphologist, and a body language professional. She even practices alternative treatment, provides her solution as a medium, and also spreads out the word of Satanism with social media.

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