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Where is Bad Hair Day Filmed, TV Show Filming Locations

We all have our bad hair days every once in a while! Thankfully, there are competent medical professionals that have the knowledge and prowess to help such patients, and that is exactly what TLC’s ‘Bad Hair Day’ is all about.

All these medical professionals ensure that their patients get the treatment that they deserve and turn their life around for the better. In addition, since all of the show is shot in and around the doctors’ respective cities, you are likely to be eager to learn more about them.

Bad Hair Day Filming Locations

‘ Bad Hair Day’ is filmed in Texas, North Carolina, and also Missouri, specifically in Houston, Raleigh, and also Kansas City. By taping in various locations, the program ensures that patients from various locations have the possibility to bring their hair concerns to light to raise recognition as well as throw down the gauntlet. Now, let’s have a look whatsoever the particular places where a bad hair day is transformed into an excellent hair day for life!

Houston, Texas

All the series involving the skin doctor Dr. Isha Lopez and her people are taped in Houston, one of the most populous city in Texas. In particular, Southeast Dermatology, a part of Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, at 11914 Astoria Boulevard # 570 in Houston serves as the noticeable shooting site for the majority of the scenes related to the skin specialist.

Raleigh, North Carolina

When it comes to the scenes with Dr. Angela Phipps, they are all lensed in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. While the scenes involving the introduction of patients are seemingly recorded in different parts of the city, the clinic sequences are captured on location in the hair transplantation clinic of Bosley. Located at 4700 Falls of Neuse Road # 205 in Raleigh, Bosley is where Dr. Angela Phipps, a hair restoration surgeon, treats all her patients.

Kansas City, Missouri

Dr. Meena Singh specializes in a wide range of hair-related issues such as traction alopecia, excessive hair growth, and hair loss. All the scenes involving her and her patients are taped in Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri by area and population. KMC Dermatology at 10940 Parallel Parkway M in Kansas City serves as the primary production location for these sequences.

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