Where Is Chasing Mavericks Filmed?


In today’s article, we shall talk about Where was the sports drama Chasing Mavericks shot? The film was released on 9 November 2012. The drama Chasing Mavericks is directed by Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted. The plotline and the story of Chasing Mavericks are written by Jim Meenaghan and Brandon Hooper. Many of you have already watched the drama Chasing Mavericks. Those who have completed watching the film are way too much interested in knowing the filming locations. The pneumatic views, sceneries, and breathtaking locations have amazed a huge number of viewers and fans all across the world.

Also, the movie received quite a good appreciation for the performances of the talented actors about whom we shall discuss later on in this article. Not to forget to mention the shooting locations for which the drama got immense positive comments. The main attraction of this article is regarding the filming locations of Chasing Mavericks. Besides the filming locations, you must be interested in knowing the cast as well. Right? We shall cover all about the cast of the sports film Chasing Mavericks.

Today’s article shall mainly focus on Where is Chasing Mavericks filmed? Most of you are much interested in this film, right? What are you waiting for? Without dawdling,  go ahead and get into this article to know further about Chasing Mavericks.

Where was Chasing Mavericks filmed

Chasing Mavericks, a sports drama

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Chasing Mavericks: Where was the sports drama filmed? More about the filming locations

Where was Chasing Mavericks filmed? The fans who have already watched the sports drama are very much interested in knowing those places. When it comes to the filming locations, we mean the places where the film has been shot. Chasing Mavericks is a sports drama that runs for 1hr 56 min. Major parts of the film cover the sceneries of Santa Cruz. The pneumatic and beautiful breathtaking sceneries have amazed a large number of viewers, and they are very interested. Well, when it comes to the filming locations, Chasing Mavericks was shot largely in Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. The stunning scenes of the coastal town are mesmerising to a lot of audiences.

Where was Chasing Mavericks filmed

Chasing Mavericks was majorly filmed in Santa Cruz

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Chasing Mavericks: List of Cast members

As we have mentioned earlier that the sports drama gained much popularity in the film industry for the outstanding performances of the actors. Here is the list of those talented and incredible, noteworthy actors along with their character names in brackets: Jonny Weston (Jay Moriarity), Gerard Butler (Frosty Hesson), Abigail Spencer (Brenda Hesson), Leven Rambin (Kim Moriarity), Elisabeth Shue (Kristy Moriarity), Taylor Handley (Sonny), Peter Mel (Magnificent Two), Devin Crittenden (Blond), Greg Long (Magnificent One), Zach Wormhoudt (Magnificent Three), Channon Roe (Bob Pearson), Jenica Bergere (Zeus) and Maya Raines (Roquet). There are other supporting actors as well.

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Chasing Mavericks: Where can we watch the sports drama?

Most of you have already watched the film Chasing Mavericks. For those who have unknowingly missed watching the drama Chasing Mavericks, there is nothing to worry about. You must be wondering where to watch the drama. Well, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. To watch the film, you must have a minimum (monthly) subscription to Amazon Prime Video. In case you want to watch it for free, you can avail of the first 7-day free trial. Though this won’t be available to all, as most of you nowadays have already access to Amazon Prime Video.

If you are a sports freak person, I highly recommend you to watch Chasing Mavericks. If you are already done with Chasing Mavericks, a big thumbs up to you. Did you enjoy the sports movie? I’m pretty much sure you didn’t regret watching Chasing Mavericks. To those who have missed it, what are you waiting for? Start watching Chasing Mavericks on the only platform Amazon Prime Video.

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