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Where is Coss Marte Today? My True Crime Story Update

Up until 2009, Coss Marte lived the high life in New York, making an outrageous quantity of cash as a medicine kingpin. Nonetheless, his apprehension and time in government prison transformed his life around. When inside, the prison doctor informed him he was obese as well as wouldn’t live long if he continued the same lifestyle. So, Coss transformed his life around, and as soon as out of jail, he put his abilities to good usage, accomplishing excellent points. The current episode of VH1’s ‘My True Crime Story’ focuses on Coss’ extraordinary redemption story. So, allow’s discover even more after that, shall we?

Who is Coss Marte?

Coss Marte’s parents moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States when his mother was still six months pregnant with him. When Coss was growing up, he was a good student and got good grades.

At the same time, Coss was great at school and sports and eventually got a scholarship to a boarding school in Rhode Island. He started selling drugs to the students there and said, “I thought selling drugs was not a bad thing. Coss eventually got caught with ecstasy in his room and was sent to a rehabilitation facility.

While Coss’ family begged him to stop dealing drugs, he didn’t want to. Coss partnered with other dealers and had an intricate drug dealing system, ensuring the police never found his stash during a raid.

Over time, Coss had his men deliver drugs using bicycles and later using rental cars. By the time Coss was 19, he was making around $2 million a year through his drug deals.

By the time Coss was 22, he had a kid with an on and off girlfriend. Then, in March 2009, federal authorities apprehended Coss after performing a covert operation. He was sentenced to 12 years before it was minimized to 7. Around that time, he wed the mommy of his child. By the time Coss started his prison sentence, he was overweight, and also the physician informed him he would certainly pass away in 5 years if he really did not change his way of life.

That was when Coss began exercising with the means he had offered. Aside from living off canned tuna, he did everything he can to lose weight and obtain fitter in his prison cell. The hard work repaid because, over the following 6 months, Coss shed 70 extra pounds. For him, his child was part of why he wanted to come to be a better individual. Apart from dropping weight himself, Coss helped other prisoners with the very same by sharing his exercise strategy.

Where is Coss Marte Today?

Coss served four years before getting out of prison in 2013. Over the past few years, Coss’ foundation of the same name has made him an advocate for the incarcerated.

Apart from CONBODY, Coss has recently started CONBUD, a cannabis dispensary venture in New York. Coss lives in New York, and in the past, he worked as a resume writer for about two years after being released.

Coss claimed, “The fellowship program instructs technical, life, professional, and soft skills to fulfill the requirements of returning people to be reskilled for well-paying work in locations such as podcasting and also video manufacturing, in addition to pairing them with skilled market coaches. We plan on making use of the others to produce content for CONBUD to give opportunities to previously incarcerated people in any way elements of business.” On the individual front, Coss just recently had one more kid with his partner, Roxie.

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