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Where Is Florencia Macias? My Encounter with Evil Update

Netflix’s ‘My Encounter with Evil’ states truth tales of three Mexican women who thought that they were possessed by evil. The reality TV series offers a home window into each individual’s life, details their experiences, as well as showcases just how the frightening occurrence impacted their households. Apart from meetings with the people worried and their kin, ‘My Encounter with Evil’ gives expert analysis by professionals and exposes how the damaged people arised successful from their battle with wickedness.

Mexican native Florencia Macias showed up on the program to share her experience with the target market. With the series portraying Florencia’s battle versus wicked, individuals are anxious to know where she is at present.

That Is Florencia Macias?

A citizen of Mexico, Florencia Macias, discussed that she was living with her fiancé, Pablo Baez, in a home in Mexico City when they started experiencing superordinary occasions. While the couple fulfilled at their location of work, they did not take long to take to each other and also began a whirlwind relationship. Pablo later stated that he recognized he wished to invest the remainder of his life with Florencia the moment he saw her, and so, after dating for fairly some time, the couple got engaged and moved in together.

Ultimately, Pablo as well as Florencia built a happy life with their two ladies, and the couple intended to have one more child. Around this time, they began discovering unusual occurrences around the house, consisting of a strange women figure who appeared at the door yet disappeared as quickly as Pablo or Florencia transformed to look straight at her. Though doors would certainly open as well as shut instantly, they observed a light going on as well as off on its own as well as felt a weird existence inside their residence.

The couple’s daughters seemed conscious of the occurrences, although they hardly reacted. The pair instantly approached a child psychoanalyst, yet it was in vain as the youngsters began acting unevenly and also seemed irritated with their liked ones.

Where Is Florencia Macias Today?

Around the time the evil spirit attacked Florencia’s children, she learned she was pregnant with her 3rd youngster. However, the delight was temporary as she dealt with several difficulties with her pregnancy and also thought that the adversary lagged everything. In the days that complied with, Florencia and Pablo attempted whatever feasible to deal with the fiend, consisting of taking and also coming close to the church guidance from Antonio Zamudio, the director of the Mexican Agency for Paranormal Investigation.

Although Antonio did aid the couple in their fight and also showed them how to strengthen their home with salt, Florencia lived through the horrible experience of a miscarriage; she believed the ghoul had actually triggered it. No matter, she refused to bow down and also relied on Wicca as a last resource.

Presently, Florencia still appears to live in Mexico City with her mother, Roxana Torrez, and also her 2 children. However, her connection with Pablo did not exercise, and also the couple decided to go their different methods. In the direction of completion of the series, Florencia firmly insisted that the ghoul was still trying to get to them but mentioned that she was established to comply with the light and not lose hope.

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