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Where is Matthew Cox Today? My True Crime Story Update

By the time government authorities detained Matthew Cox, he was accused of scamming millions as component of large home mortgage scams across several states. It additionally chronicles how Matthew transformed his life around while in jail and also sculpted a career of his own as a writer.

Who is Matthew Cox?

Matthew Cox expanded up in a Catholic family in Tampa, Florida. Matthew also thought that his parents never expected him to finish from college since of his diagnosis.

Throughout the very early 2000s, Matthew started a mortgage company in Tampa as well as, throughout that time, began his crime spree. In a meeting with The Atlantic, he claimed, “A broker would come in and say, ‘Look, this guy makes $65,000. If he made $75,000, I can obtain him a financing.’ As well as I would certainly say, ‘Bring me his W2s and also his pay stubs, and I’ll alter this, and also I’ll transform that.’ I despise to use words light fraudulence– there’s actually no distinction– yet in comparison to what I ultimately began doing, it was definitely light.”

In 2001, Matthew got caught after sending a fake appraisal to the individual whose name he had created. He pleaded guilty as well as avoided jail time, obtaining probation instead. Later on, he offered his home mortgage business to a buddy and started helping him as a specialist. Yet costs as well as youngster support settlements for his kid, Casio, kept piling up, leading him to think about various other ways to make money instead of stating bankruptcy.

Matthew mosted likely to the Social Security office and submitted a fraudulent birth certification as well as immunization document of a non-existent infant; he had actually become a competent forger owing to his art degree. He repeated that with numerous fabricated names, then utilized those Social Security numbers to enroll in charge card. As part of an additional fraud, Matthew had a fake person buy run-through buildings and then produce appraisals greater than the actual value. After that, he would take car loans out versus that inflated value.

Once the financial institution quit getting repayments, the account would certainly most likely to the collection agents. Matthew located a method around this by looking up a newspaper article regarding a cars and truck accident, changing the name, as well as retyping it. He would certainly then send it to the financial institution with a letter from a non-existent sibling, leading the financial institution to relocate the residential or commercial property right into repossession. Matthew had partners, as well as the complete scam was around $12 million at the time.

In December 2003, Matthew learned that the authorities were hot on his tail, so he took place the keep up his then-girlfriend, Rebecca Hauck. While residing in Atlanta, Georgia, he schemed to rip off a homeowner in Florida by forging signatures on a fraudulent satisfaction-of-mortgage kind, recommending the home loan was paid. Both then requested new home loans as well as repeated the fraud with numerous other unwary people prior to Rebecca broke up with him after a physical altercation as well as went on.

Where is Matthew Cox Today?

At some point, the authorities caught up to Matthew after getting a suggestion, bring about his arrest in November 2006. They thought he impersonated a Red Cross employee to swipe homeless people’s identities. Additionally, he took the identities of people in drug rehab. In April 2007, Matthew pled guilty to financial institution fraud, identification theft, ticket fraud, 2 counts of mortgage scams conspiracy, and breaking his probation. The same year, Matthew was punished to offer 26 years in government jail, and also he began his imprisonment at Coleman Federal Correctional Institution, Florida.

There, Matthew looked to creating; he originally wrote about his life as well as criminal activities but later on dealt with another inmate’s memoir. He was swamped with requests from various other inmates wanting him to write their tales when that was published. Quickly, Matthew had a waiting list and would certainly take a seat with these prisoners for hrs. As part of his research study, he would even seek out official documents that he got by means of the Freedom of Information Act.

Matthew later on claimed, “Everyone does their time in jail in different ways. Some prisoners combat their sentences, others workout in the leisure lawn; I wrote my fellow prisoners’ true crime tales.” In a 2013 sentence decrease hearing, his legal representative mentioned his customer’s participation with an FBI examination and his aid with a fraudulence instance. Consequently, he had his sentence decreased by virtually 12 years.

Matthew was released in July 2019 after practically 12.5 years behind bars. He wished to concentrate on his creating career and also had actually already released one more publication behind bars called ‘Generation Oxy: From High School Wrestlers to Pain Pill Kingpins.’ It appears that he currently resides in Florida as well as runs a web site called Inside True Crime, where he publishes his written work.

In addition to that, Matthew has actually continued his work as an artist and has a YouTube channel with greater than 50,000 clients. He organizes interviews with numerous individuals on the system and speak about various cases. Matthew offers talks concerning his life and experiences at conventions and colleges.

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