Where is My Brilliant Career Filmed? About The Location


If you are curious about the places, where your favorite show or film took place. Even from classical old films to the newest shows. Otakukart is for you. So, this article contains the filming site of old classical Australian theatre films. The film is My Brilliant Career. To know further, stay focused on the article to the very end.

My Brilliant Career is a 1979 Australian theatre classic film. It was directed by Gillian Armstrong. The movie starred Judy Davis, Sam Neill, and Wendy Hughes. Inspired on the 1901 novel of the same title by Miles Franklin, it pursues a young woman in rural, deceased 19th-century Australia whose aspirations to evolve to a writer is first hindered by her social consequences, and later by a budding romance.

My Brilliant Career was broadcasted in Australia in August 1979 and later premiered at the New York Film Festival in the United States. It received significant critical acclaim and was nominated for several AACTA Awards. Winning three times, while Davis earned the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. In the United States too, it deservingly earned nominations for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Moreover, it also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.

The plot of “My Brilliant Career”

In 1897, Sybylla Melvin had just entered puberty. She is still living at home with her poor farmer parents in the Australian outback. Moreover, She considers herself ugly but clever. And she dreams of a “fantastic” creative-oriented career, such as in the arts. However, she’s not yet prepared to strike out on her own. Despite being a spirited self-sufficient streak. She sees that freedom as incompatible with marriage which her elders feel is the next logical stride in her life.

My Brilliant Career

My Brilliant Career, place where it was filmed

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She welcomes her mother’s opinion to live with her wealthy maternal grandmother. Primarily deeming the option that is to approve a job as a servant. Consequently, the stride is so that she can learn to be a proper young woman to lure a husband. Her aunt Helen encourages her to marry a man she likes with expectations. Rather than marrying a man, she loves with no prospects. The prior type is Frank Howden, although Sibylla doesn’t like him either. In the latter category is Harry Beacham, familiar from her preadolescence. He is a wealthy landowner who has any woman of his choice as his wife. Regardless of how she feels for Harry and how Harry feels for her. She still may not see marriage as part of her immediate future. But factors beyond his control can decide what happens in Sibylla’s life.

Where did “My Brilliant Career” took place?

“My Brilliant Career”, was filmed in Monaro, New South Wales, Australia. It was filmed in 1978 and was released in 1979. Formerly frequently called “Manaro”, or “Maneru” in the early years of its settlement. It is a neighborhood in the south of New South Wales, Australia. A little area of ​​Victoria close to Snowy River National Park. Particularly the part of Monaro. While the Australian Capital Territory is not considered part of the province. Handful towns in Monaro have intimate deadlocks with Canberra.

Monero ,new South Wales Australia

Monaro, New South Wales, Australia – The place where my Brilliant Career shoot took place

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More about the site of the shoot

The Monaro region is a plateau region. It is placed about 1000 m above sea level. Broadening from the Murumbigi River canyon in the north to the Erinundra Plateau in the south. All the more, steeply declining to the coast on its eastern side.

Monero new South Wales Australia - The place where my Brilliant Career shoot took place

Monaro New South Wales Australia – The place where my Brilliant Career shoot took place

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Much of the area is a pristine highland. Nevertheless, Cooma and Nimmitabel have basaltic bases that elicit the only true chernozems in the entire continent. The place is home to some of the best soils in Australia. Elsewhere the granular soil is very leached and very fertile. Monaro endorses dry forest foliage before the pastures are cleared. Because it lies to the east of the Snowy Mountains. Westerly winds collect rain and snow on the mountains, leaving the Monaro region in the rain shadow.

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