Where is Paper Girls Set? What Year Does Paper Girls Take Place?

Where is Paper Girls Set? What Year Does Paper Girls Take Place?

Amazon’s ‘Paper Girls’ is the story of four young girls who travel in time and land in the middle of a war between two factions. The story takes a complicated turn as the past collides with the future, and the 12-year-old girls meet the older versions of themselves, living different lives than they ‘d imagined for themselves. Understandably, it becomes hard to keep track of all the timelines and the places as the girls go back and forth.

When Does Paper Girls Take Place?

‘Paper Girls’ is a time-travel show, which implies that there is no set time in which the story happens. It starts in 1988, in the early hours of post-Halloween. It is called Hell Day, as well as noted as the day “when the world as we know it finished”. After their experience with two young adults who end up being time vacationers, the girls find themselves in the future. They land in 2019, where they satisfy older Erin. With her help, they uncover a great deal of aspects of the new globe, like the Internet, smartphones, and the fact that there is no such point as paper girls now. This is additionally where they fulfill Larry, that tells them regarding The Old Watch as well as STF and also his own role in the battle in between both factions.

Larry, it turns out, is waiting on two time-travelers that have to go back to 1999 as well as end up a job for STF. Nevertheless, when they do not show up, since they are dead, he makes a decision to take the girls to the past. He tells them that he is going to take them to their initial timeline, however they discover his lie when they find themselves in the July of 1999. The only manner in which the girls can take a trip to another timeline, if not their very own, is when a folding in time appears. It is a massive letdown when they discover that the following folding won’t appear for the next seven years. Just when it looks like they are stuck currently, a turn of occasions separates them, as well as they wind up in an entirely various time, which is to be checked out in the second period of the show.

Thinking about that the very first season already tackles three various years and also its finishing assurances at least two even more timelines in the following season, it would certainly be better to twist up for the ride. According to the comics, the girls take a trip much further in the future along with in the past. With more characters to be introduced in the future, the show could soon catch up with the comic books and throw its characters as far back as 11,000 BC and as far in the future as billions of years later when the Earth is destroyed.

Where Does Paper Girls Take Place?

While the girls go back and forth in time a lot, the place where they land every time remains the same. Considering this, the entire story takes place in Stony Stream, even though the world changes considerably, every time the girls travel and end up in another timeline.

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