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Where is Professionals Filmed, TV Show Filming Locations

A spin-off of the 2012 film ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ by Maksim Korostyshevsky, The CW’s ‘Professionals’ is an action-adventure series created by Michael Colleary and Jeff Most. It focuses on a billionaire futurist named Peter Swann, who employs a highly experienced protection operative, Vincent Corbo, after a next-gen satellite takes off on release to find out those in charge of this hefty loss. The latter’s goal obtains complicated by the arrival of his previous lover as well as now Peter’s future wife, Dr. Graciela ‘Grace’ Davila.

While Vincent as well as his group effort to get to the bottom of the rocket disaster, they discover a conspiracy theory functioning to wreck Peter’s heritage as well as take over his empire. The show includes numerous action-packed sequences, enhanced by the dazzling efficiencies of a talented actors comprising Tom Welling, Brendan Fraser, Elena Anaya, as well as Stevel Marc. The fascinating locations in the background through each episode make one wonder where ‘Professionals’ is fired. Well, if you are one such curious soul, we have you covered!

Professionals Filming Locations

‘ Professionals’ is filmed in South Africa as well as Ireland, specifically in Johannesburg. Throughout the production of the launching season in South Africa, lots of actors and crew members ended up being victims of various criminal activities, such as random shootings and carjackings.

Johannesburg, South Africa

The majority of crucial sequences for ‘Professionals’ are lensed in and around Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city. From the appearances of it, the filming device travels across the city to tape various scenes against appropriate backgrounds for the collection. Located in the eastern plateau location of South Africa, Johannesburg is considered the nation’s financial as well as monetary powerhouse.

Being a cultural center, Johannesburg is house to various social locations as well as professional museums that cover lots of topics. A few of the prominent museums in the city are the Origins Centre Museum, Apartheid Museum, Bernberg Fashion Museum, Adler Museum of Medicine, as well as South African National Museum of Military History. In addition to ‘Professionals,’ Jo’ has actually worked as a famous manufacturing location for a number of flicks as well as TV programs, such as ‘Dredd,’ ‘The Giver,’ ‘Chappie,’ and also ‘The Looming Tower.’


Additional parts of ‘Professionals’ are taped throughout Ireland, an island in northwestern Europe. Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, it has distinct geological districts, that makes it an ideal filming site for different productions. For many years, flicks and also TV shows like ‘Braveheart,’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ ‘Normal People,’ and ‘Foundation’ have included the areas of Ireland.

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