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Where is Run for the Money Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

Inspired by the conventional Japanese game of tag called ‘onigokko,’ Netflix’s ‘Run for the Money’ is a Japanese truth competitors show that functions as the scaled-up variation of the eponymous 2004 collection. It follows 29 celebrity participants, consisting of promising musicians, young stars, professional athletes, as well as comedians, that attempt to flee from the black-clad Hunters. Their goal is to leave from their clutches till the very end and also earn the expanding prize money.

It is a truth series, the chasing and also running series supply a thrilling element which is a rarity in the world of this category. The unique style of the competition program maintains the audiences hooked on it from the beginning throughout. The use of various locations as the participants run away from the hunters throughout the city’s streets maintains one guessing about the real filming websites of ‘Run for the Money.’ Well, if you are one such curious spirit, you might be interested in what we have to share about the very same!

Run for the cash Filming Locations

‘ Run for the Money’ is filmed totally in Japan The celebrity participants are seen running the streets of Japan as they prevent obtaining captured by the ruthless seekers to win the best prize money. Numerous roads as well as roadways, with modern design in the backdrop, can be found through each episode of the Netflix series. Allow’s not waste time and look at all the certain sites that appear in the Japanese series!


All the essential sequences for ‘Run for the cash’ are lensed across Japan, an island country in East Asia. From the looks of it, the filming unit, including the seekers and entrants, travels nearby of different cities to tape scenes versus ideal backgrounds. They do not just utilize the locations on the ground, however several crucial scenes are likewise tape-recorded airborne as the hunters include in sky diving series.

Found in the northwest Pacific Ocean, Japan is the 11th most populated country in the world and also known to be an extremely established country, holding world power in global national politics. Its fascinating culture is well-known worldwide, that includes art, music, movie, cuisine, as well as popular culture (comic, video game, as well as animation markets). The nation has actually made some substantial contributions to science and also technology.

Over the years, given Japan’s contemporary and also created style, the country has actually acted as an essential manufacturing location for numerous tasks. In addition to ‘Run for the cash,’ motion pictures and also television programs like ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1,’ ‘Lost in Translation,’ ‘Drive My Car,’ ‘Tokyo Vice,’ as well as ‘Alice in Borderland’ have utilized the nation’s areas.

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