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Where Is The Girl in the Mirror Filmed, Netflix Filming Locations

Created by Sergio G. Sánchez, Netflix’s ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ (originally entitled ‘Alma’) is a Spanish scary thriller series that adheres to Alma, who gets up with memory loss in a healthcare facility after enduring a bus crash that killed the majority of her schoolmates. Without any memories of the bizarre case, she finds herself shocked as well as disoriented as she attempts to remember her past. Due to amnesia, Alma’s very own home feels like a place loaded with enigmas, as well as she has a tough time thinking any individual around her.

Surrounded by strange faces as well as locations, the teenager must do whatever she can to address the secret behind the crash prior to it is far too late. The thrilling and terrible elements in the collection keep the audiences on the edge of their seats via each episode. The usage of creepy locations in the background matches the total motif and also ambiance of the story. Thus, it is natural for you to want to discover more about the real filming sites of ‘The Girl in the Mirror.’ In that case, you might be thinking about what we have to share!

The Girl in the Mirror Filming Locations

‘ The Girl in the Mirror’ is filmed totally in Spain, specifically in Asturias, Catalonia, and possibly, Madrid. The major digital photography for the inaugural version of the horror series began in September 2020 as well as wrapped up in February 2021. Currently, without further ado, allow’s navigate all the beautiful yet haunting sites that show up in the collection!

Asturias, Spain

Significant sections of ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ are lensed throughout Asturias, an autonomous area in northwest Spain The team sets up camp in Hotel Rural Arredondo in Celorio, Llanes, and Central Hidráulica in Carretera basic, to tape some essential series for the collection. A number of crucial scenes for the thriller collection are additionally fired in Oviedo, particularly in Piscina del Parque del Oeste on C. José María Martínez Cachero, Café Colon at Avenida de Colón, 27, and Castillo de Las Caldas at Lugar las Caldas, 2.

Furthermore, a couple of indoor scenes are apparently captured in Palacio de Campos as well as Palacio de Meres. When it comes to the coastline scenes, the filming system makes use of actual coastlines in the region, including Playa de Porcia, Playa de San Pedro de La Ribera, and Cabo Busto. In addition, La Cubilla, Luarca, San Feliz, Ruta de Las Xanas, as well as Salinas act as some noticeable taping locations. Besides that, the cast as well as team members visit the premises of some even more sites, such as Moniello, Parque La Cebera, Somiedo, Casa Ali, Carretera Alta Montaña, Navia, Brañagallones, and Hexaspéculo.

Catalonia, Spain

For taping some added sections, the manufacturing group of ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ travels to Catalonia, a self-governing community that is additionally designated as a race thanks to its Statute of Autonomy. To be details, they make use the centers of Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, situated at Carretera, BV-1274, Km1, 08225 Terrassa in Barcelona. The movie studio is residence to 4 soundstages, 2 different backlots, and lots of whole lot locations, making it an excellent capturing site for different kinds of manufacturings. Manresa, the capital of the Comarca of Bages, offers as a pivotal shooting location.

Madrid, Spain.

It seems that the actors and crew of the Spanish thriller collection made a short drop in Madrid, the capital and most populated city of Spain, to record a couple of series for the launching period. Situated on the River Manzanares in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid has enchanting architecture that incorporates modern as well as historical frameworks. Aside from ‘The Girl in the Mirror,’ the capital has hosted the manufacturing of many flicks as well as television shows, such as ‘Moulin Rouge!,’ ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ ‘Alba,’ as well as ‘Money Heist.’

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