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Where Was All Saints Christmas Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

Hallmark’s ‘All Saints Christmas’ is an enchanting film set against the background of the holiday season. Directed by Troy Scott, the flick revolves around Lisette and also Matthew. Lisette is an acclaimed singer and musician preparation to satisfy her family members for Christmas in New Orleans, and Matthew is her ex-spouse. When the latter takes place the knee to pick up a dropped ring from the ground, to give it to the woman it belongs to, he learns that the lady is none other than his former companion. The press mistakes this as an involvement news, and currently both have to impersonate an engaged couple in front of her family members.

The Hallmark story is a light-hearted rom-com that discovers motifs such as reconnection, familial bonds, nostalgia, and also more. The film highlights the holiday spirit with these tropes as well as celebrates feelings such as love as well as relationship. The backdrop and also the places raise these themes and develop a exhilarating and gleeful ambience. This makes us question where ‘All Saints Christmas’ was fired. If you have this concern too, after that allow us figure out.

All Saints Christmas Filming Locations

‘ All Saints Christmas’ was filmed in British Columbia and also Louisiana. The shooting commence on August 18, 2022, as well as wrapped up on September 16, 2022.

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘ All Saints Christmas’ was primarily shot in Vancouver in different areas throughout the city. Called Hollywood North, the city is a center for carrying out arts which normally makes the location welcoming and joyful. This, the location of the area is so spectacular that one can locate mesmerizing hills, water bodies, woodlands, and also tall buildings in fairly closer distance.

The aforementioned facets of the location set the state of mind for various scenes as well as serve as a reflection of the numerous emotions characters undergo. Furthermore, the environment in the place is pleasurable essentially of the year, which adds to the film’s cozy tone. Above and also yet, the tax obligation discounts used by the federal government for the film’s manufacturing make the place one of one of the most studio-friendly places for Hallmark. Various other films as well as shows shot in Vancouver consist of, ‘See,’ ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,’ and ‘Titanic.’.

New Orleans, Louisiana.

A short section of ‘All Saints Christmas’ was additionally filmed in New Orleans. Given that the city is home to Lisette in the tale, the manufacturing group chose to add a layer of credibility by firing a few scenes in the actual city itself. The historically rich community, the French Quarter, served as one of the primary capturing places for the movie The Crown Jewel of New Orleans is the ideal blend of vintage and contemporary societies. The numerous antique stores, and restaurants, complement the French Market as well as modern stores.

The production staff prepped for 2 days and the capturing happened on September 15, 2022, and September 16, 2022. The neighborhood’s popular nightlife and enchanting streets most likely served as a backdrop for various scenes to depict the character personas. The jazz clubs in the Vieux Carre seem to draw out the musician within Lisette.

Nonetheless, what really makes New Orleans an excellent vacation movie area is the method it commemorates annual celebrations, especially, Mardi Gras. Thus the city personifies the spirit of the joyful season which transcends right into the story. A couple of films and also TV programs shot in New Orleans consist of ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘The Winchesters,’ ‘True Detective,’ ‘Black Bird,’ ‘Django Unchained,’ and ‘Logan.’.

All Saints Christmas Cast.

Jazz singer and also musician Ledisi plays Lisette. You may know her from her supporting roles in films such as ‘Selma,’ as well as ‘Leave It on the Floor.’ Roger Cross essays the duty of Lisette’s ex-boyfriend. You can likewise see him in programs such as ‘Just Cause,’ and ’24.’ The supporting cast includes Lucia Walters (Gia Cole), Peter Bryant (Abner), Miranda Edwards (Taborah), Trezzo Mahoro (Clay), Tosca Baggoo (Orca), and also Artine Tony Browne (Rocky). Them, Don Mike (Bob), Colleen Machnikowski (Oshun), and Michael Keitha (Bob) additionally attribute in the movie.

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