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Where Was American Beauty Filmed, 1999 Movie Filming Locations

Directed by Sam Mendes, ‘American Beauty’ is a 1999 black comedy motion picture that centers upon Lester Burnham, an advertising exec that seems to have an ideal life, a steady task, and a happy family. On the inside, he is a sexually distressed rural papa who suffers from a mid-life dilemma upon coming to be enamored with his little girl’s ideal good friend, Angela. Lester’s troubled teenager little girl, Jane, begins obtaining closer and closer to a reluctant boy following door, Ricky Fitts, that lives with a violent father.

This cult timeless discuss a number of sensitive and widespread topics throughout the narrative, such as anxiety, paternal as well as enchanting love, adultery, self-liberation, sexuality, and also materialism, all of which keep the audiences hooked on the motion picture. The drama movie features dazzling efficiencies from a talented actors making up Kevin Spacey, Mena Suvari, Annette Bening, Chris Cooper, and Thora Birch. The close-knitted area and high college scenes will likely make you wonder about the actual filming sites of ‘American Beauty.’ In that situation, you could be interested in what we have to share about the same!

American Beauty Filming Locations

‘ American Beauty’ was entirely filmed in California, particularly in Los Angeles County and Sacramento. Now, let’s not waste any time and jump right into the specific locations that appear in the movie!

Los Angeles County, California

Most essential portions of ‘American Beauty’ were lensed in Los Angeles County, the most heavily populated area in California and also the United States. The Burnhams and Fitts are neighbors in the movie, the exterior shots of their respective houses were taped miles away from one another. While the residential property at 11388 Homedale Street in Brentwood stood in for the Burnham house, the residence at 330 South Windsor Boulevard in Hancock Park doubled for the Fitts residence.

Interestingly enough, the interior scenes involving both the houses were recorded in two adjacent homes on the Blondie Street of the Warner Bros. The production team strategically rebuilt the houses on the lot to incorporate the scenes involving Ricky and Jane’s silent conversations from their windows and to establish the right lines of sight between Ricky’s bedroom and Lester’s garage.

The secondary school scenes were lensed on place in 2 colleges– South High School at 4801 Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance and Long Beach Polytechnic High School at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach. On top of that, Carl’s Jr. at 20105 Saticoy Road in Canoga Park doubled for Mr. Smiley’s, where Lester gets a task serving burgers. For taping the target capturing scenes, the cast and team set up camp in Los Angeles Police Academy at 1880 North Academy Drive in Elysian Park. The scenes depicting Carolyn as well as her concubine were fired in the Top Hat Motel 9 (now Travel Inn) at 8525 Sepulveda Boulevard in North Hills.

A couple of added driving scenes involving Lester were videotaped in South Bay, Chatsworth, as well as Alameda Avenue. The filming unit of ‘American Beauty’ utilized the facilities of Warner Bros. Studios at 4000 Warner Boulevard in Burbank. The expansive workshop facility comprises 37 soundstages, varying in dimension from 6,000 to 32,000 square feet, situated on the major whole lot and Ranch facilities combined. It also offers filmmakers with a wide variety of exterior collections, making it a perfect taping website for all manufacturings.

Sacramento, California.

Some airborne shots at the beginning and end of the film, illustrating the Chicago landscape and suburbs where the tale is set, were lensed in Sacramento, California’s resources city. Located at the convergence of the Sacramento River and the American River, the City of Trees is known for its developing modern society, which is why it is thought about one of the hipster cities in California.

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