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Where Was Coach Carter Filmed? Movie Filming Locations

‘Coach Carter’ is a biographical sports dramatization movie that adheres to Ken Carter taking the reins as the basketball coach of his old high school. To get the basketball team back on track and instill professionalism and academic technique, Carter makes each player sign a contract and agree to the stringent regime that they are to adhere to. As the group begins picking up excellent outcomes, a few of the players’ academic grades start to degrade. Carter shuts down the gym and also their championship period. The choice is met backlash from gamers and also their moms and dads, yet he stands his ground and keeps his position that the players should stand out on the court as well as off of it.

Set in 1999, the 2005 movie is freely based on the life of coach Ken Carter, Richmond High School’s basketball coach. Directed by Thomas Carter, the biographical story is made all the more authentic and also immersive by the fantastic onscreen efficiencies of Samuel L. Jackson, Rob Brown, Channing Tatum, Debbi Morgan, and Robert Ri’ chard. At the same time, the settings of a high school as well as the basketball court make you ask yourself where ‘Coach Carter’ was really fired. Well, we are below to make all your questions concerning the same go away!

Coach Carter Filming Locations

‘ Coach Carter’ was filmed in its whole in California, especially in Los Angeles County as well as San Francisco. As per reports, the principal digital photography for the basketball film happened in very early 2004. To keep the story as genuine as feasible, the filming device picked to fire the movie on location in California, which is where the tale is established. So, let’s have a look at all the certain websites that make an appearance in the sporting activities drama movie!

Los Angeles County, California

Almost the entirety of ‘Coach Carter’ was lensed in Los Angeles County, the most heavily populated county in California as well as the United States. Firstly, the Loyola High School at 1901 Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles doubled for St. Francis High School in the movie. According to records, the University Gym of the California State University at 5151 State University Drive in Los Angeles likewise functioned as an essential filming website. When it comes to the scene where Renny is fired to death, it was tape-recorded around 1433 West 7th Street in LA

. In addition, the Safari Inn at 1911 West Olive Avenue in the city of Burbank is where the Richmond High School basketball team stays throughout the Bayhill Tournament Championship. A number of essential portions of the basketball movie were additionally lensed in a couple of sites in the seaside city of Long Beach, consisting of Long Beach Polytechnic High School at 1600 Atlantic Avenue as well as the gym of St. Anthony High School at 620 Olive Avenue. Some areas of the city of Santa Clarita additionally include in the drama movie.

San Francisco, California

Additional parts of ‘Coach Carter’ were also taped in San Francisco, the 4th most heavily populated city proper in California. Over the years, San Francisco has actually served as a pivotal production location for several films and Television shows, such as ‘White Noise,’ Four Christmases,’ ‘The Matrix,’ as well as ‘Monk.’.

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