Where Was Collateral Filmed, 2004 Movie Filming Locations

Where Was Collateral Filmed, 2004 Movie Filming Locations

Directed by Michael Mann, ‘Collateral’ is a 2004 activity thriller flick that focuses on a regular cab driver called Max Durocher as well as his customer, Vincent. Even though the previous has been a committed taxi driver for around 12 years, he can not supply a far better life for himself as well as still believes that this is just a short-term work for him. However, his ordinary life shakes up when he grabs the well-dressed Vincent, who asks to be his only fare for the remainder of the evening.

When the two make their very first stop and also a dead body lands atop the cab, Max finds that Vincent is in fact an agreement hit man. After that, the taxicab chauffeur is required to make more quits on the method while the hit man completes his goal.

Security Filming Locations

‘ Collateral’ was lensed completely in California, especially Los Angeles County. Surprisingly, the cab accident scene in the movie was fired while Jamie Foxx was in the driver’s seat as well as Tom Cruise was in the backseat, adding credibility on-screen.

Los Angeles County, California

For taping all the crucial parts of ‘Collateral,’ the manufacturing group set up camp in Los Angeles County, one of the most heavily populated county in California as well as the United States. Los Angeles Central Library at 630 West Fifth Street in Downtown Los Angeles is where Max drops Annie as well as grabs Vincent. The scene where the body falls on the cab’s roofing system was contended 223 Union Place in Los Angeles, while the club Max attempts to enter as Vincent is the El Rodeo Restaurant at 8825 East Washington Boulevard in Pico Rivera.

L.A. Care Health Plan (earlier Arco Center) at 1055 West 7th Street functioned as the interior and exterior of Annie’s office complex, whereas the Ernst & Young Plaza (formerly Citicorp Plaza) at 725 Figueroa Street stood in for the entrance hall of her workplace. The hospital scenes where Max’s mom is confessed were taped around VA Long Beach Healthcare System at 5901 East 7th Street in Long Beach. Additionally, it is outside Cheerio’s Bar at 4333 Leimert Boulevard in Leimert Park, where Vincent roughs up Max against the cab.

As for the train terminal scene where Max and also Annie are being chased after, it was recorded in 7th Street/ Metro Station at 7th as well as Flower Streets in Downtown Los Angeles. West Olympic Boulevard & South Figueroa Street is where the actors and also staff lensed the cab crash scene, while the Fever disco scene entailing a Korean gangster was fired in Koreatown in Los Angeles. The Chapman Market Building at 3465 West 6th Street in Los Angeles served as the outside for the Fever club, as well as the interior was supposedly recreated in a workshop.

The final scene where Max and also Annie leave the train was lensed in Marine/Redondo Green Line station at 2406 Marine Avenue in Redondo Beach. Various other areas in the City of Angels used to fire ‘Collateral’ consist of Harbor Freeway Station at 11500 South Figueroa Street, Figueroa Hotel at 939 South Figueroa Street, the junction of Figueroa as well as 10th outdoors Crypto.com Arena (the Staples Center previously) at 1111 South Figueroa Street, 777 South Figueroa Street, and the Standard Hotel at 550 South Flower Street.

The Monumental sculpture “Double Ascension” 1973 of Herbert Bayer at 505 South Flower Street, 505 Flower at 505 Flower Street, and also California Club at 538 South Flower Street also functioned as pivotal recording websites. Various other areas that include in the action film are 1839 South Union Avenue, Shell at 1400 South Alameda Street, Parking framework at 945 West 8th Street, Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue, Monumental mural “Dusk” by Frank Stella at 420 South Grand Avenue, 1912 North Cahuenga Boulevard, as well as Los Angeles Subway System.

Added scenes were taped at 1039 South Union Avenue and also the street running north/south from 7th to Wilshire in between New Hampshire as well as Vermont. Finally, ARCO at 4169 Venice Boulevard, Marengo Street (near City Terrace Drive), 3240 Wilshire Boulevard, Leimert Park at 4395 Leimert Boulevard, Long Beach Harbor in Long Beach, Los Angeles International Airport at 1 World Way, El Segundo, Downtown Car Wash at 822 West Olympic, as well as Culver City, served as noticeable production areas for the Tom Cruise-starrer.

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