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Where Was Disenchanted Filmed? Disney+ Movie Filming Locations

Disney+’s ‘Disenchanted’ is a dream rom-com movie helmed by Adam Shankman that acts as the follow up to the 2007 movie ‘Enchanted.’ Establish virtually fifteen years after the occasions of the initial movie, it adheres to the Philip family– Giselle, Robert, and Morgan– who invite a new member to their happy family and also relocate to a brand-new house in a suv community. With Malvina Monroe, the neighborhood’s head, hellbent on making their life uneasy, Giselle wishes their lives to be picture best.

Giselle’s wish backfires, as well as she is required to race against time to save her family as well as the Kingdom of Andalasia. With the extension of the wonderful adventures of Giselle and her family, the viewers are bound to stay addicted on the sequel from the starting throughout. At the same time, the backdrop of Andalasia and also the suburb the household moves to make you question where ‘Disenchanted’ was shot. Well, we have actually gathered all the info to quell your interest about the very same!

Disenchanted Filming Locations

‘ Disenchanted’ was filmed in Ireland, England, New York, as well as California, particularly in County Wicklow, Dublin, Louth, County Kildare, Buckinghamshire, New York City, and also Los Angeles. The principal photography for the Amy Adams-starrer reportedly began in May 2021 as well as involved very early August of the exact same year.

Due to blended responses after the test screening, the group obtained back to function on some reshoots to enhance the high quality of the movie, which took area in March as well as April 2022. Currently, allow’s not traverse and throw away any time all the details sites you can find in the Disney+ movie!

Area Wicklow, Ireland

A substantial piece of ‘Disenchanted’ was lensed in County Wicklow, the last of the conventional 32 counties in Ireland The production group apparently built an entire embed in Enniskerry as well as transformed it right into a fairytale town for the movie. A number of shopfronts in the town were painted intense colors and embellished appropriately with blossoms and various other things. Moreover, the county town Wicklow as well as the coastal town Greystones, both in County Wicklow, served as a number of other critical filming websites.

Dublin, Ireland.

Several key scenes for ‘Disenchanted’ were taped in Dublin, Ireland’s resources and also biggest city. Found at the mouth of the River Liffey, the charming city has been included in various movies and television shows besides this dream movie. Some are ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ ‘Braveheart,’ and also ‘Normal People.’

Various Other Locations in Ireland

For firing purposes, the cast and crew of ‘Disenchanted’ traveled to some even more locations in Ireland, including the village of Louth and also County Kildare. To be particular, they supposedly used the property of Morristown Lattin estate in County Kildare for taping a few scenes for the movie.

Buckinghamshire, England

Several critical reshoots for ‘Disenchanted’ happened in Buckinghamshire, a ritualistic area in South East England. This moment, the tiny village as well as civil parish of Hambleden was changed to replace the set built in Enniskerry in the earlier stages of the manufacturing.

The Stag & Huntsman at Henley-on-Thames RG9 6RP in Hambleden was rebranded as the ‘Elderflower Ale House,’ as well as the entire road was also utilized to lens some key sequences. In addition, the field alongside St. Mary the Virgin Church in Hambleden apparently functioned as a crucial capturing place.

New York City, New York

A couple of portions of the reshoot for ‘Disenchanted’ were carried out in New York City, one of the most heavily populated city in the United States. Specifically, the filming system set up camp in Manhattan, the most largely booming borough of the city, to tape numerous crucial scenes, mainly exterior and also airborne shots. Referred to as the Big Apple, New York City is positioned in the southern region of the State of New York.

Los Angeles, California

The team of ‘Disenchanted’ also took a trip to Los Angeles, California’s largest city. Found in Southern California, Los Angeles is recognized for its posh areas, sandy beaches, as well as sprawling midtown. For many years, it has functioned as a noticeable production location for lots of tasks, such as ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘Bullet Train,’ and ‘House of the Dragon.’

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