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Where Was Don’t Leave Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations

Directed by Ozan Açiktan, Netflix’s ‘Don’t Leave’ (initially labelled ‘Kal’) is a charming dramatization movie that follows Semih who is shocked when her partner breaks up with him out of the blue. Puzzled regarding the whole situation, he sets out to find some solutions regarding their partnership. Now, Semih’s entire life obtains turned on its head as he is required to face something that he had actually taken care of to overlook previously.

The remarkable narrative is matched by the outstanding performances from a group of skilled actors as well as starlets, including Burak Deniz, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Ceyda Düvenci, Ersin Arici, as well as Sükran Ovali. The popular motif of self-reflection as Semih doesn’t take the separation in addition to his ex lover, produces an intriguing watch. The transition in the landscape throughout the film shows the change in Semih’s life. Thus, it is natural for you to question where ‘Don’t Leave’ was shot. In that case, allow us to fill you in on all the information about the same!

Don’t Leave Filming Locations

‘ Don’t Leave’ was filmed in its totality in Turkey, specifically in Adana. The principal photography for the drama movie seemingly began in February 2022 and also wrapped up in a month or so, in March of the very same year.

Adana, Turkey

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Don’t Leave’ were lensed around Adana, a major city in and also the administrative seat of Turkey’s Adana Province. From the appearances of it, the filming unit established camp at different websites throughout the city to tape-record various scenes against ideal backgrounds. Situated on the Seyhan River, Adana is taken into consideration a substantial center for numerous markets, including health care, regional trade, personal and public solutions, logistics, and also agriculture.

Adana is house to a number of galleries as well as museums, such as the Adana Ethnography Museum, Misis Mosaic Museum, Adana Archaeological Museum, Atatürk Museum, Karacaoğlan Museum of Literature, Adana Museum of Cinema, and also the Yeşiloba Martyrs’ Museum, to name a few. Apart from visitors, the city is frequented by several filmmakers. Actually, Adana has hosted the production of a number of different sort of films and TV programs. Some of the notable ones are ‘Skyfall,’ ‘The Mountain II,’ ‘Muslum,’ ‘The Pigeon,’ ‘Ramo,’ and ‘Sokagin Çocuklari.’

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