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Where Was Dracula Untold Filmed? 2014 Filming Locations

Directed by Gary Shore, ‘Dracula Untold’ is a dream scary movie starring Luke Evans as Vlad the Impaler AKA Count Dracula who turns into a vampire to safeguard his family as well as kingdom versus the Turkish queen, Mehmed the Conqueror, played by Dominic Cooper. Set in 15th-century Transylvania, the tale brings together Bram Stoker’s vampire mythology and also the historical tale of Vlad the Impaler.

Because its premiere in 2014, the dark action-horror movie has stunned audiences with the surreal landscapes that act as the background. The exotic locations enhanced by CGI boost the total gothic tone, and also fans of the vampiric tale wonder where the movie was fired. If you are among them, don’t fret, as we’ve obtained you covered. Right here are all the filming locations of ‘Dracula Untold!’

Dracula Untold Filming Locations

‘ Dracula Untold’ was fired in numerous amazing locations in Northern Ireland, which belongs of the United Kingdom. The actors and also crew filmed in a number of preferred locations throughout County Antrim, County Londonderry, as well as County Down. The filming begun on August 5, 2013, and proceeded for several weeks prior to ending in November of the exact same year. Allow us dive in much deeper and also learn about each location.

Area Antrim, Northern Ireland

A lot of the capturing of supervisor Gary Shore’s debut feature film occurred in Belfast, the biggest city as well as the resources of Northern Ireland. A major section of the city is located in County Antrim which lies in the northeastern part of Northern Ireland. McArthur Hall at Methodist College at 1 Malone Road doubled up as the interiors of the castle, while Wolfhill Quarry and also Black Mountain functioned as the filming sites for the fight sequences.

Stiles Way in the city of Antrim is likewise where filming took location. Giant’s Causeway as well as Divis Mountain are two of the most prominent filming locations of the vampire-themed film.

At the same time, the Divis mountain, which is just 6 miles away from the Belfast City Center, worked as the field in the battle scenes. As part of County Antrim’s sea coastline, the place supplies spectacular beauty complemented by strong winds and massive waves. Talking with RadioTimes, Director Gary Shore stated that he desired the Transylvanian hill to appear very fantastical as well as differ from any other mountain. He shot at the place for concerning a day.

Forthriver Business Park at Springfield Road, Decco Building at Prince Regent Road as well as the Britvic Building at Castlereagh Road additionally served as filming websites. The actors as well as staff also used the Titanic Studios at Queens Road to tape a couple of series. One of the largest film studios in Europe, the production center was also used for ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Your Highness,’ and also ‘City of Ember.’

County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

The actors and team also went to County Londonderry, likewise known as County Derry, for the function of filming. The production team likewise fired a few scenes at the Roe Valley Country Park at 41 Dogleap Road in Limavady on August 5 and August 6, 2013. The park’s forested location and also the river lent themselves to the greyish, dismal backdrop that elevate Vlad’s transformation into a vampire. The Country Park and also O’Cahan’s Rock are shown as the woodland stream and the base of Broken Tooth Mountain.

County Down, Northern Ireland

Newtownards, a town situated a couple of miles east of Belfast in County Down, additionally functioned as among the primary shooting websites. Below, sites such as Killynether Wood, Scrabo Country Park, and Mount Stewart were leveraged by the group for their desolated as well as ancient aesthetic. Since the film is set in the 15th century, the large lands and grand castle-like structures fit completely with the motion picture’s tone and style. The gardens at the 19th-century house, Mount Stewart, increased up as the grounds of Dracula’s castle.

The movie was additionally fired at the popular Tollymore Forest Park in the resort community of Newcastle. One of the most substantial scenes shot in the park is the fight between the Janissaries and also Vlad’s people. It is likely that the actors and team filmed a few scenes in the village of Strangford.

Area Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Besides these locations, the film was likely shot at Ulster History Park in the town of Omagh in County Tyrone. Available to the public in the very early 1990s, the outdoor museum amassed a lot of site visitors and also became a popular traveler hotspot around the time. It, sadly, shut its doors in 2004.

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