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Where was Echo 3 Filmed? Is Apple TV+ Filming Locations

Developed by Academy Award Winner Mark Boal, ‘Echo 3’ is an action-thriller series created by Apple TV. Inspired by Amir Gutfreind’s unique ‘When Heroes Fly’ and based upon the Israeli tv series of the exact same name, ‘Echo 3’ focuses on the kidnapping of a young researcher, Amber Chesborough, by unsafe individuals with unknown objectives. Her spouse, Prince, and her bro, Bambi, unify to look for Amber in a fascinating tale of action-packed thriller collection.

Both, that have a distressed histories and army experience, join to find what took place to Amber at the Colombia-Venezuela boundary. Bambi and also Prince take place a mission to find Amber, who is being kept detainee in Venezuela, while aid from the CIA arrives. On the other hand, Amber is warding off adversaries in her very own way in the hopes that her sibling and spouse will certainly discover her.

With a gifted actors featuring Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans, and also Jessica Ann Collins, the collection keeps the viewers beside their seats with wonderful weaves against a hidden battle setting. With thick forests as well as sloppy roads as the background for the action scenes, you may wonder where was ‘Echo 3’ filmed. If you wonder to know where the historic action-thriller collection was filmed, we have actually obtained you covered.

Echo 3 Filming Locations

Set in Venezuela, ‘Echo 3’ was filmed totally in Colombia Principal digital photography began on June 9, 2021, and lasted nearly 8 months prior to it was finished up on February 1, 2022. Allow us take you through the details!


The entirety of ‘Echo 3’ was fired in Colombia across different locations, consisting of Bogota, Cartagena, and other islands in the nation. Colombia, or the Republic of Colombia, is a South American country with an island chain expanding right into North America. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea gets on its north boundary, Venezuela gets on its eastern, Brazil gets on its southeast, Ecuador and also Peru get on its southern boundary, the Pacific Ocean is on its western, as well as Panama gets on its northwest.

In an interview with Comic Book, the celebrities of the collection shared their point of views as well as experiences about filming the collection. Series star Jessica Ann Collins said, “10 motion pictures. “It felt like 10 movies back-to-back-to-back.” Luke Evans included, “But the very same film and also I think you know, the creative side of it was their intent was to make a story that really did not have like a quit as well as a start per episode; it just swept you up as well as kept you going for the full 10 episodes which felt very much like making a flick.”

Co-star Michiel Huisman additionally added about his experience during the collection filming. He stated, “I believe to me shooting Echo 3 really felt much more like shooting 10 independent movies. We were truly there on location. We never shot on a phase or anything. We invested regarding 8 months in Colombia. We traveled from Bogota to the jungle to Cartagena in the north of the nation and ended up capturing on the islands and also it felt like we were always on our toes and also trying to figure wherever the story was taking us. ”

In an interview with television Fanatic, Mark Boal, the maker and also author of ‘Echo 3,’ justified his period for the option of place. He stated, “We spend a lot of our media as well as cultural focus taking a look at Eastern Europe as well as Middle Eastern Asia but Latin America, the amount of attention we pay is relatively out of equilibrium to its significance and also I assume that Colombia is a remarkable nation.”

Boal added, “It’s a nation I fell for, its complicated and dark history. These appeared like rather great factors to establish material down there.” Other notable programs as well as films fired in the place are ‘Cannibal Holocaust,’ ‘Narcos,’ ‘Mile 22,’ as well as others.

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