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Where Was Haul Out the Holly Filmed Locations? Hallmark Cast Details

Directed by Maclain Nelson, Hallmark’s ‘Haul Out the Holly,’ a part of Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ schedule, is a funny film that focuses on Emily, that decides to surprise her parents by seeing them uninvitedly for this year’s Christmas. She finds herself on the obtaining end of a shock rather as her moms and dads are going out on a trip themselves. She has to spend the holidays alone at their residence. When Jared, an old buddy of Emily, knocks on her moms and dads’ door, things begin obtaining interesting as the HOA urges her to take part in the neighborhood’s Christmas celebrations.

Reluctant to have anything to do with it, Emily joins in as well as accumulates particular priceless Christmas memories she will never forget. While the themes of friendship as well as Christmas celebrations maintain the audiences hooked on the flick, the backdrop of the well-knitted community of Emily’s moms and dads makes one marvel where ‘Haul Out the Holly’ was really filmed. Well, if you are paddling the same watercraft of curiosity, you could be curious about what we have to share regarding the very same!

Haul Out the Holly Filming Locations

‘ Haul Out the Holly’ was filmed in its entirety in Utah, especially in Salt Lake County. As per records, the principal digital photography for the Christmas movie commenced in August 2022 and involved around three weeks in very early September of the exact same year.

Located in the Mountain West subregion of the western part of the nation, Utah is the 13th-largest state of the US in terms of area. Offered its all-natural diversity as well as functional topography, Utah makes for a suitable filming website for various type of productions, including ‘Haul Out the Holly.’ Now, allow’s not squander at any time and obtain an in-depth account of all the specific websites that appear in the Hallmark flick!

Salt Lake County, Utah

All the pivotal series for ‘Haul Out the Holly’ were lensed in Salt Lake County, the most populous region in Utah, with Salt Lake City as its county seat. To be specific, the production group mostly established camp in the city of Cottonwood Heights, which is positioned along the eastern bench of the Salt Lake Valley. The cast and staff members made use of one of the city’s cul-de-sacs with stunning houses as they shot numerous interior scenes inside real residences of the area.

Surrounded by a number of mountains, the county occupies the Salt Lake Valley as well as is popular for its ski resorts. Salt Lake County’s economy is primarily dependent on wintertime sports, such as tourist, winter sports, and also transportation, with several tourists seeing the area annually. The area is also residence to a variety of galleries as well as various other visitor destinations, consisting of the Church History Museum, the Clark Planetarium, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Natural History Museum of Utah, to name a few.

Besides vacationers, the county is frequented by many filmmakers also. Actually, over the years, Salt Lake County has hosted the manufacturing of different movies and also TV shows. Some of the noteworthy ones are ‘Halloween Ends,’ ‘Hereditary,’ ‘Con Air,’ ‘Dumb and also Dumber,’ and also ‘Yellowstone.’.

Haul Out the Holly Cast.

Lacey Chabert essays the function of Emily in the Hallmark flick. Wes Brown portrays Jared, Emily’s buddy.

Various other cast members that play critical duties in the vacation film are Melissa Peterman (Pamela), Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned), Ellen Travolta (Mary Louise), Walter Platz (Bob), Eliza Hayes Maher (Jessica), and also Abby Villasmil (Young Emily). On top of that, John Forker and also Alireza Mirmontazeri appear as next-door neighbors while Mario DeAngelis stars as an attendee at the Tree Lighting event. The film additionally features Peter Jacobson and also Jake Stormoen.

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