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Where Was Hellraiser Filmed? 2022 Movie Filming Locations

Directed by David Bruckner, Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser’ is a mythological horror movie that serves as the reboot of the titular franchise business and also the l lth movie in the series. It complies with Riley, a young woman facing drug addiction, that copes with her bro Matt. Her sweetheart Trevor persuades her to break into a deserted storage facility, where she discovers a strange architectural puzzle box. Quickly, she finds that package is not as harmless as it ends as well as seems up summoning Cenobites, a group of supernatural beings from an additional measurement.

Starring Odessa A’zion, Brandon Flynn, Jamie Clayton, and Adam Faison, the secret movie holds the audience with its fascinating story. If you want to understand where ‘Hellraiser’ was shot, we’ve obtained you covered!

Hellraiser Filming Locations

Principal digital photography for the movie apparently commenced around July 2021 as well as was covered up by October of the same year. Currently, allow’s stroll through all the spine-chilling locations that appear in the movie.

Belgrade, Serbia

All crucial portions of ‘Hellraiser’ were lensed in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital and largest city. The cast as well as crew reportedly traveled across the metropolis to tape scenes versus different backgrounds. In a September 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly, director David Bruckner shared his factors for videotaping the movie in the Serbian funding.

” Belgrade has some truly interesting architecture that feels extremely ‘Hellraiser’ really, that we were able to incorporate,” said the director. “I hope there’s a look across all the areas and locations that really feels slightly beside fact as we understand it. There’s a based realistic look, but sometimes you’ll see countless Romanesque archways throughout numerous environments.”

Belgrade exists at the convergence of the Sava as well as Danube rivers as well as is just one of the oldest constantly occupied cities worldwide. In addition, it is house to the ancient Vinča society and also is a significant government management. Belgrade has organized numerous international political, sports, and also cultural events and is a significant contributor to medical care, company, cinema, as well as media.

Several of the funding city’s most prominent areas of interest include the National Theatre, National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikola Tesla Museum, Skadarlija, and Kalemegdan Fortress. Belgrade is known for its vibrant night life and brings in thousands of travelers annual.

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