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Where Was I Used to Be Famous Filmed, Netflix Filming Locations

Adjusted from Eddie Sternberg’s 2015 eponymous short movie, Netflix’s ‘I Used to Be Famous’ is a British music comedy-drama movie co-written and routed by him. It revolves around Vince, a previous participant of a famous young boy band, but currently his fame has faded, and also he is alone as well as determined to reignite his music occupation.

The duo forms a solid friendship with time and also does numerous gigs together. The narrative deals with a number of interesting themes, including unforeseen friendships, short-lived fame, and also second possibilities, keeping the viewers hooked on the flick till completion. Additionally, the street scenes and the websites where Vince and Stevie do are all bound to boggle your mind concerning the actual filming websites of the Netflix film. Well, permit us to load you know all the information and put your mind at ease!

I Used to Be Famous Filming Locations

‘ I Used to Be Famous’ was filmed completely in England, especially in and around London. The primary photography for the Ed Skrein-starrer supposedly commenced in October 2021 and also wrapped up in November of the exact same year. With the story based in England, it is no surprise why the makers decided to stick to the nation to fire the film. Currently, allow us navigate you with all the details locations where Vince as well as Stevie link musically!

London, England

All the pivotal series for ‘I Used to Be Famous’ were lensed throughout London, the resources as well as largest city of England as well as the United Kingdom. The production group of the British motion picture supposedly circumnavigated Big Smoke, including the area of southeast London, Peckham, to tape different scenes versus ideal backdrops for the film. Found on the River Thames in southeast England, London highly affects many fields, including arts, amusement, tourism, education and learning, health care, commerce, money, and innovation.

London is also house to 4 World Heritage Sites– the mixed Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and also St. Margaret’s Church, Kew Gardens, the Tower of London, as well as the historical settlement in Greenwich. Other famous traveler destinations in the capital are Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and also the National Gallery. In addition to ‘I Used to Be Famous,’ the city has organized the manufacturing of many films and also television programs, such as ‘I Came By,’ ‘The Batman,’ ‘Ted Lasso,’ and also ‘The Sandman.’

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