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Where Was Jumping From High Places Filmed, Netflix Filming Locations

Based upon the eponymous novel by Chiara Parenti, Netflix’s ‘Jumping From High Places’ (initially entitled ‘Per Lanciarsi Dalle Stelle’) is an Italian enchanting funny movie guided by Andrea Jublin that adheres to the life of a 25-year-old lady called Sole Santoro. Sole already lives a complex life as she has extreme stress and anxiety together with a variety of fears that bother her once in a while.

In spite of all her issues, Sole makes a decision to recognize her best friend’s last dream as well as face all her anxieties and attempt to ultimately obtain a hold of her life, as well as probably even locate love in the process. While the fascinating tale keeps the viewers hooked on the movie, the attractive locations in the background make them question where the Italian film was fired.

Jumping From High Places Filming Locations

‘ Jumping From High Places’ was filmed in its entirety in Italy, especially in Puglia also known as Apulia. The primary photography for the Netflix film apparently began in October 2021 as well as involved very early December of the exact same year. Given that the tale is embeded in Puglia, it makes sense why the filming system chose to fire the flick on place in the exact same Italian region. Currently, without additional trouble, let’s pass through the specific locations that make a look in ‘Jumping From High Places.’

Puglia, Italy

All the crucial series for ‘Jumping From High Places’ were lensed in Puglia, an Italian region in the southern peninsular section of the nation. From the appearances of it, the manufacturing group took a trip throughout the region to tape various scenes versus ideal backgrounds. The old community and comune of Conservano served as one of the noticeable production locations for the Italian movie.

The cast and also team members were spotted taping some crucial sequences in the communities of Polignano a Mare and also Monopoli in the Metropolitan City of Bari. Added parts of the enchanting comedy film were likewise videotaped in Valle d’Itria aka Itria Valley, a location that tops the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto.

Likewise called Apulia, the region’s economic climate is driven by several sectors, including vehicle, furnishings, farming, aerospace, and also auto mechanics, among others. Throughout the years, Puglia has held the manufacturing of a variety of filming tasks besides ‘Jumping From High Places.’ Several of them are ‘No Time to Die,’ ‘6 Underground,’ ‘The Man with the Answers,’ and ‘Mary Magdalene.’

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