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Where Was Lifetime The Dog Days of Christmas Filmed Locations? Who is in the Cast?

They sign up with the program to restore their lives and also live healthy and balanced, by trying to lose their too much weight. He helps them with a tailored diet regimen and exercise strategy to shed as much weight as feasible, prior to obtaining authorized for weight decrease surgical procedure.

Brandi Dreier, a patient in the program’s 5th period, was one of these people. She was dedicated to her weight reduction initiative, a lot like her double sibling Kandi Dreier, and she made a name for herself as a specialized client.

Brandi Dreier’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Brandi Dreier was a 29-year-old native of Vancouver, Washington, while appearing in season 5 of the program in 2017, along with her sister, Kandi Dreier. Like most of the clients in the show, Brandi’s eating fascination started a long time back in her youth.

The twins underwent a traumatic youth, with their papa offering drugs, and their mom being a drug addict as well as later on, an alcoholic. When she was a kid, her father would serve her additional food just to maintain her silent and also did not tend much to her requirements. Thus, overlook from both her moms and dads made a massive contribution for her to become food for comfort. In addition, she likewise endured molestation by a household buddy, much like her sis, which once again added to her trauma.

Such mentally draining pipes situations played a significant component in Brandi’s food addiction, which she understood was taking a toll on her life. Brandi was tired of living such a restricted life and desired a better future, for both her sis and herself. They both were each other’s support as well as hope, which she did not wish to lose due to her excessive weight. Hence, she made her trip to Dr. Now, in addition to her double sis. Upon meeting the medical professional, she was recommended to lose some weight prior to she could be qualified for the weight-loss surgical treatment.

She followed the strategy faithfully and also efficiently shed 40 extra pounds in simply a month of beginning the procedure. This made her final weight, at the end of the episode, to be 360 extra pounds.

Where is Brandi Dreier Today?

Brandi was highly encouraged as well as figured out to shed also more weight after her time on the program. She hence continued with the recommended weight loss strategy and also kept a healthy and balanced way of life. She likewise happily claimed, “Food doesn’t rule our lives anymore.

Speaking about how nervous she was about undertaking the surgery, especially being recorded on electronic camera, Brandi said to People, “All individuals were very wonderful yet it was scary. We’ve been attempting to experience this procedure for a very long time, and it just happened at the right time. I was terrified of going on camera, yet it was an unique opportunity so we took it.” Brandi likewise offered some understanding to people who might take into consideration going the route of stomach bypass for weight management. She stated, “They just need to remain concentrated, and if they really want it, it can occur.”

Brandi included, “But the surgery is not like you have it and also it’s dealt with. You need to work at it.” She does not share every small information of her life, it is understood that she has actually been gladly married to Femi Mark Eijs for a couple of years. The blissful couple has two adorable daughters, the senior one, Izzy, was born upon June 13, 2018, and little Mildred was born upon October 7, 2020. Brandi always shares how happy she is for her family members, specifically her children. Calling them her best girls, she composed on one occasion, “Words can’t even define how absolutely lucky and honored we are.”

Hence, from the appearances of it, Brandi Dreier got to new elevations after her weight loss trip on the program. She got her life back and also she was thrilled to see herself as well as her sibling as healthier beings. Thus, enjoying her life with her liked ones, traveling around with them, and also developing her life with her spouse as well as little girls have occupied the hectic life of Brandi Dreier.

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