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Where Was Lou Filmed Netflix Filming Locations

Directed by Anna Foerster, Netflix’s ‘Lou’ is an activity thriller movie that focuses on the titular personality, a loner who thinks that she has placed her dangerous past behind her permanently. Quickly, she turns out to be wrong when her rather quiet life is disturbed as her next-door neighbor’s daughter, Vee, is abducted throughout the next-door neighbor and a storm, Hannah, requests her aid. Both females join pressures and look to locate as well as save the abducted lady from the kidnapper’s harmful clutches.

The rescue objective that Lou and also Hannah delight in examinations their restrictions as different surprising tricks from their pasts are exposed in the process. The action-packed series and the general motif of saving a kidnapped woman are similar to the ‘Taken’ franchise, the only distinction being the women protagonists, played by Allison Janney and also Jurnee Smollett. The stormy background as well as the use of some spooky and also unethical locations throughout the film improve the overall ambiance and also make one wonder where ‘Lou’ was shot. Well, you remain in good luck since we have all the responses about the same!

Lou Filming Locations

‘ Lou’ was filmed completely in British Columbia, especially in Metro Vancouver and also Ucluelet. Allow’s not throw away any kind of time and also dive right into the thick of the action and traverse all the certain locations that show up in the Netflix movie!

City Vancouver, British Columbia

A majority of ‘Lou’ was lensed in Metro Vancouver, the cosmopolitan area with Vancouver as its significant city. As per records, many crucial series for the activity film were taped in the Vancouver Film Studios at 3500 Cornett Road.

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Extra sections of ‘Lou’ were likewise taped in Ucluelet, a district community situated on the west shore of Vancouver Island on the Ucluelet Peninsula. Previously, Ucluelet has served as a noticeable manufacturing place for fairly a few filming jobs, such as ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘One Week,’ as well as ‘The Crossing.’

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