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Where Was The Journey Ahead Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

Directed by Linda-Lisa Hayter, ‘The Journey Ahead’ is a Hallmark road-trip film that revolves around a popular Hollywood actress Madeline as well as a wild expert named Sarah. When her travel plan to New York from Los Angeles fails, Madeline enlists the aid of her assistant’s friend, Sarah, in order to get to the Big Apple within 12 days. As both females of 2 various generations embark on their cross-country trip, they each discover important lessons from each other.

The film informs a heartfelt story of how individuals can learn from each various other despite their distinctions and overcome the issues of their hearts. Offered the flick’s facility, it presents the audience to a range of backgrounds that assist communicate the tale properly.

The Journey Ahead Filming Locations

‘ The Journey Ahead’ was mainly filmed in Vancouver and also Squamish in British Columbia The primary digital photography of the motion picture occurred in April 2022 under the name ‘The Road Ahead.’ We have your back if you want to dive in as well as recognize more concerning the details of the filming area!

Squamish, British Columbia.

The neighborhood of Squamish in British Columbia acts as one of the key filming areas for ‘The Journey Ahead.’ The flick consists of river-rafting scenes lensed within the location, which is known for the sporting activity on the Elaho as well as Squamish rivers. The particular scene was obviously lensed in the first week of the film’s production, and the cast seemed to appreciate the recording procedure. The area is also popular for mountain biking, hiking, as well as climbing, among other sports.

The area around Squamish is full of all-natural sanctuaries that give impressive visuals for moviemakers to utilize. Surrounded by the Coast Mountains, Squamish provides gorgeous uneven backgrounds that one can not be but help amazed of. Normally, a number of movies and programs have held their capturing in Squamish in order to take advantage of the aesthetic prize that the area holds. The area has actually long been a preferred shooting area for moviemakers to lens their movies. Other films lensed in Squamish include ‘Antlers’ as well as ‘Final Destination.’

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, hosted the manufacturing of ‘The Journey Ahead.’ Also known as the Hollywood of the North, the Canadian city has been used as a backdrop for several films for many years. The city’s non-descript skyline and also strong facilities lend well to lens scenes embeded in cities throughout the world. Hence, you might see the city in the background of a number of precious movies, like ‘Thor: Love as well as Thunder’ as well as ‘Honor Society.’

Various Other Filming Locations in British Columbia

‘ The Journey Ahead’ was also filmed in and around Harrison Hot Springs town in British Columbia. The cast and crew of the movie traveled all the means to the town and also the lake in order to framework scenes for the film.

The Journey Ahead Cast

The skilled Holly Robinson Peete plays the function of Madeline, a celebrity from Hollywood. The film also stars Chanelle Peloso as Katie, Natasha Burnett as Rose, as well as Ash Lee as Dr. Wiseley. Actor Mark Humphrey is additionally a substantial part of the Hallmark movie.

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