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Where was The Legend of Zorro Filmed? 2005 Movie Filming Locations

A sequel to the 1998 movie ‘Mask of Zorro’ ‘The Legend of Zorro’ narrates the journeys of the titular swashbuckler nearly a years after the events of the previous movie. The Martin Campbell directorial focuses on Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas), that, after spending the previous ten years battling inequality and also injustice, is now confronted with one of the most challenging challenge– his distressed marriage! His partner, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), has left Alejandro and sought solace in the arms of handsome French nobleman Count Armand (Rufus Sewell).

The action-packed 2005 movie features amazing horseback riding with swordfights, swords versus weapons on trains, saving children from shedding barns, as well as additionally terrific visuals with gorgeous bridges as well as classic trains. Obtain your mask as well as cape on to get on this flight across the spots where the film was fired!

The Legend of Zorro Filming Locations

Although the action-adventure movie is embeded in San Mateo Country in California, the filming of ‘The Legend of Zorro’ did not happen in the western US state. The manufacturing team shot the movie largely in Mexico in the second fifty percent of 2004. According to records, a couple of sequences were likewise filmed in New Zealand in January 2005. In case you’re questioning the details locations where the movie was shot, here’s every little thing you need to recognize!

San Luis Potos, Mexico

A significant part of the film was shot in the city of San Luis Potos, situated in the eponymous state in the northern component of central Mexico. The website makes a perfect filming place due to the big estates in the region that reverberated with the director’s vision of the movie.

In a meeting with My Movies International, director Martin Campbell disclosed the decision to pick San Luis Potos as the key filming area. We made use of the outhouses for the collection as well as the whole houses for Antonio’s (Alejandro’s) ‘hacienda’ (Spanish for the big estate with a residence home).”.

The supervisor added, “I made use of the church that remained in the location. We built San Francisco with the area next door. The whole point was well-contained.” Apart from San Luis Potos, the production team taped a few scenes around the area. Ranch Gogorron at 79500 Villa de Reyes, regarding an hour’s drive beyond the city, likewise worked as one of the capturing sites. Various other films that were shot in the exact area are ‘Point Break’ (2015 ), ‘Frida’ (2002 ), ‘The Mexican’ (2001 ), ‘El Topo’ (1970 ), among others.

Wellington, New Zealand.

After apparently covering up the filming in Mexico, the 2nd system taped several shots and also sequences in Wellington, New Zealand. Most of the series were fired at Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop. The famous train fight and the blow-up scene in the film were fired in Wellington.

Remarkably, the train was drawn from a museum in Mexico, so it can not be blown! Therefore, a model train of the same style was created in Weta Workshop and then exploded. Rock Street Studios at 1 Stone Street in Miramar, a suburb of Wellington. The studio complicated has actually additionally acted as a capturing site for ‘Avatar,’ ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ along with the 2005 film ‘Krampus.’.

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