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Where Was The Violence Action Filmed? 2022 Netflix Movie Filming Locations

Based upon the eponymous manga series by Shin Sawada as well as Renji Asai, Netflix’s ‘The Violence Action’ is a Japanese action dramatization movie routed by Tôichirô Rutô. It revolves around a young, innocent-looking woman named Kei Kikuno, an ordinary university student by day yet an assassin for hire by evening. Being a proficient and seasoned assassin, she requests for the highest appointment price as she can kill her target, no doubt asked.

When Kei Kikuno gets appointed for, probably, one of the most challenging assignments in her career, it makes her life quite tough. The intriguing usage of locations makes you curious concerning the real filming websites.

The Violence Action Filming Locations

‘ The Violence Action’ was filmed entirely in Japan The principal digital photography for the action movie relatively began in late 2020 or early 2021 as well as involved February of the very same year. In an interview, Kanna Hashimoto (Kei Kikuno) spoke about the obstacles she encountered during the capturing, provided all the feats that her personality performs. She reflected that it was all worth it in the end. Now, without further trouble, let’s check out all the details sites that show up in the Netflix movie!


All the crucial sequences for ‘The Violence Action’ were lensed in Japan, an island country in East Asia. From the looks of it, the filming system utilized numerous locations of the country to tape various sections against appropriate backgrounds. It seems that they likewise made use of the centers of among the movie studio in Japan to record some action scenes for the movie. It is reported that it is the very first Japanese movie to have made use of the brand-new volumetric capture technology for shooting perfect and also effective action series.

Situated in the northwest Pacific Ocean, Japan is one of the most densely booming nations in the world, and also most of its surface is hilly. It is indisputable that Japan’s culture is world-famous, including its art, music, movie theater, food, and prominent culture. Over the years, the East Asian country has hosted the manufacturing of numerous various kinds of flicks as well as Television shows.

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